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Forums - Movies Discussion - Worst director of all time?


Who's the worst director of all time?

Uwe Boll 31 47.69%
Aaron Seltzer/Jason Friedberg 2 3.08%
Michael Bay 8 12.31%
Roland Emmerich 1 1.54%
Eli Roth 0 0%
M. Night Shyamalan 5 7.69%
Tom Six 1 1.54%
Paul W.S. Anderson 0 0%
Zack Snyder 6 9.23%
Other 11 16.92%

Who's the worst movie director of all time? One's known for notoriously awful game adaptations, one for notoriously awful "spoofs", two for really bad explosion porn movies with tropey characters and butchering of beloved franchises (Transformers and Godzilla), one for notoriously bad torture porn movies (Eli Roth), one for making a godawful trilogy of films that's gross just for the sake of it, one for notoriously bad horror films with B-movie scripts and logic holes, one for butchering of DC movie adaptations and original IPs (Sucker Punch), and one for his butchering of adaptations of classic videogames and horror/sci-fi flicks. So, who's the worst?

Of those choices, Seltzberg is the worst IMO. I would say Uwe Boll, but his movies at least have a "so bad they're good/funny" vibe to them (gotta love petrified teens suddenly becoming Matrix-dodging kung fu masters when fighting zombies in HotD ), and they at least have SOME semblance of a plot. Seltzberg's movies you can't even sit back and laugh at how stupid they are, and they actually ARE supposed to make you laugh because they're comedies, and virtually no plot. They don't even really qualify as movies, nothing but shit jokes, corny pop culture references and people getting crushed by something, stuff that only someone with the mindset of a 2 year old would find funny. There's a reason why they WERE 2 of the 6 writers from Scary Movie: they were fired for being talentless hacks.

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Gonna go with Roland Emmerich as I consider Godzilla 1998 to be probably the worst movie I've ever seen, and it's not exactly his only bad flick either.

M. Night.

It takes a lot of skill in badness to so brutally murder one of my hyped movies, that was based off one of my favorite TV shows.

J.J. Abrams for raping Star Trek.

I wouldn't know because I almost certainly haven't seen any of the worst one's films. However, just going from the poll options and the films of theirs I've seen:

Uwe Boll - Haven't seen any of his films.

Aaron Seltzer/Jason Friedberg - Haven't seen any of their films.

Michael Bay - Has made a couple of decent films. Armageddon was alright back in the day and The Island had its moments too. The Transformers stuff is awful though.

Roland Emmerich - Definitely not him. Stargate is great and gave birth to one of the best sci-fi tv shows of all time. Independence Day is widely liked but has dated badly imo. I enjoyed White House Down. The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 were bad.

Eli Roth - The Hostel films were alright. Death Wish was watchable too. Not seen his others.

M. Night Shyamalan - Definitely not him. The Village is excellent imo. Sixth Sense, Signs, and Split were great. Unbreakable, After Earth and The Happening were all disappointing but not as bad as people make out. The Visit and Lady in the Water were bad though. Obviously been on a long downward trajectory but he has some great films to his name.

Tom Six - Not seen any of his films. Have obviously heard about The Human Centipede but never bothered to watch it.

Paul W.S. Anderson - Event Horizon was a great 90s sci-fi film. I enjoyed most of the Resident Evil films (though they get progressively worse), as well as Alien vs. Predator.

Zack Snyder - I liked his Dawn of the Dead remake, 300 and Sucker Punch were quite visually interesting, and his two Superman films were ok as far as this endless stream of shitty super hero films goes. Watchmen was shit.

So it'd probably be Tom Six, Uwe Boll, or Aaron Seltzer/Jason Friedberg if I'd bothered to watch any of their films. From the directors I've actually seen movies by it's a toss up between Eli Roth and Michael Bay. 

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Well it definitely isn't Zack Snyder, say what you want about Batman v Superman (I actually like it, lol) and Justice League, but don't forget he was behind 300, Sucker Punch and most importantly (For me) Watchmen, which is still to this day my favourite comic book film, lol.

I'd say it's a toss up between Uwe Boll and Tom Six lol

Not really sure how M night could be considered in the worst category. Even though he has some stinkers, he has some of the best movies ever to his name as well like sixth sense. There are a few directors in your list that don’t really deserve to be on the list. To be a worst director, your whole body of work needs to be complete and utter crap.

So naturally, the worst has to be uwe boll...

This is a mess of a list, you cant compare most of these people. Uwe Boll is by far - with almost no competition - the worst of them.

Eli Roth, Emmerich, Snyder and Anderson have no business being in this list at all whatsoever. Theyve made shit films as well as cult classics, and a couple of them good films. Despite his reputation M Night is an oscar nominee as well as succesfull in the box office and has, at the very least, 4 good worthwile films. I hate Michael Bay films as much as the next guy but he is MASSIVELY successful in the box office and if you actually bothered to check his filmography a couple of his films - like The Rock or Bad Boys 1/2- are quite decent.
I assume they are in the list because of bad rep, cause "the worst director of all time" is def. Not any of them.

Seltzer/Friedberg are shit and I could understand their being in the list, but between doing unfunny attempts at comedy vs whatever you wanna call what Uwe Boll does its an easy pick at least for me. Theres just no comparison.

Willard Huyck or the dude that did Catwoman fit this list better.

Edit: oh yeah, Tom Six's films are shit. Not gonna defend that guy.

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M. Night.

That... abomination of a hollywood adaptation, is the one and only utter disgrace and black stain to what is otherwise, the greatest animated show of all time.

I don't think I have ever hated any movie as much as I hated The Last Jedi and Predator 2018, so even though I actually know that these two roundheads are really not the worst directors of all time, I would give my vote to any of them any time of the day.