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Who's the worst movie director of all time? One's known for notoriously awful game adaptations, one for notoriously awful "spoofs", two for really bad explosion porn movies with tropey characters and butchering of beloved franchises (Transformers and Godzilla), one for notoriously bad torture porn movies (Eli Roth), one for making a godawful trilogy of films that's gross just for the sake of it, one for notoriously bad horror films with B-movie scripts and logic holes, one for butchering of DC movie adaptations and original IPs (Sucker Punch), and one for his butchering of adaptations of classic videogames and horror/sci-fi flicks. So, who's the worst?

Of those choices, Seltzberg is the worst IMO. I would say Uwe Boll, but his movies at least have a "so bad they're good/funny" vibe to them (gotta love petrified teens suddenly becoming Matrix-dodging kung fu masters when fighting zombies in HotD ), and they at least have SOME semblance of a plot. Seltzberg's movies you can't even sit back and laugh at how stupid they are, and they actually ARE supposed to make you laugh because they're comedies, and virtually no plot. They don't even really qualify as movies, nothing but shit jokes, corny pop culture references and people getting crushed by something, stuff that only someone with the mindset of a 2 year old would find funny. There's a reason why they WERE 2 of the 6 writers from Scary Movie: they were fired for being talentless hacks.