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This is a mess of a list, you cant compare most of these people. Uwe Boll is by far - with almost no competition - the worst of them.

Eli Roth, Emmerich, Snyder and Anderson have no business being in this list at all whatsoever. Theyve made shit films as well as cult classics, and a couple of them good films. Despite his reputation M Night is an oscar nominee as well as succesfull in the box office and has, at the very least, 4 good worthwile films. I hate Michael Bay films as much as the next guy but he is MASSIVELY successful in the box office and if you actually bothered to check his filmography a couple of his films - like The Rock or Bad Boys 1/2- are quite decent.
I assume they are in the list because of bad rep, cause "the worst director of all time" is def. Not any of them.

Seltzer/Friedberg are shit and I could understand their being in the list, but between doing unfunny attempts at comedy vs whatever you wanna call what Uwe Boll does its an easy pick at least for me. Theres just no comparison.

Willard Huyck or the dude that did Catwoman fit this list better.

Edit: oh yeah, Tom Six's films are shit. Not gonna defend that guy.

Last edited by Jpcc86 - on 17 July 2019