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Forums - Politics Discussion - Human right violations in persecution of Julian Assange?

Hopefully the U.S. gets that terrorist and jails him for life. Gitmo would be nice, too.

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I don't think you get the privilege of being treated nicely when you are essentially a fugitive from the law.

kind of off topics but I just LOLed at the thought that if this was the Chinese government the entire Western media would frame this as human rights abuse with tacit understanding.

Now back to topic:
His rape charges have been called sketchy before, but it could be liberal peers refusing to believe that 'one of us' could commit such crimes.
In terms of espionage, I'd be surprised if the US wasn't the biggest espionage machine in practice against all other nations?
I hope he remains in Europe, in prison or not

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Bandorr said:
If I recall correctly he fled Sweden after being accused of raping someone and hid for years.
He/wikileaks then worked closely with Russia/Trump to steal the election for Trump.
Trump asked for e-mails.
A russian hacker stole those e-mails,
He gave those e-mails to Wikileaks.
Who then got in touch with Trump JR.

So either he is going to be treated like a king here, or put down like a dog because he knows Trumps secrets.

So no sympathy for the devil.

You are just saying what the Americans say. The truth is someone from the DNC leaked those emails to Assange. Assange even hinted as such in one of his interviews and that man that he hinted at died in a random "robbery" where nothing was stolen from him. Assange has exposed Russia's evils, the US's evils Nd war crimes and the Chinese evils and on top of that, many more nations. He was a journalist doing his job, speaking truth to power. He exposed the war crimes of the US and the US wasn't having any of it so they fabricated this story of him working with Russians even though he exposes Russia constantly as well. They lied about who leaked the emails so gullible people like you would have no sympathy for him or protest his violation of civil and human rights when he'd dragged into the US. Remember he also exposed that Hillary and the DNC screwed Bernie over. He also exposed the footage of the US helicopter shooting innocents including journalists from Reuters and the pilots seemingly enjoying themselves. His record of accuracy of reporting is 100% and his leaks aren't refuted as false by even those who hate him. And powerful governments like Russia, China and the US as well as UK, India and others hate him. Look through WikiLeaks and you'll see he wasn't a Russian spy at all and that he wasn't taking any sides. The Dems loved him when he exposed Bush. Hell new York times and the like constantly used WikiLeaks as their sources in the past

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

This is just the US war machine sending a message that anyone who exposes the evils they commit will be punished for the crime of truth. Doesn't matter if the person isn't American or has technically broken any laws at all, the war machine will come for you. You have freedom of speech in the US but only if you are saying stupid or useless things or if you have no real power, like me. But if I have the attention of the world and I start exposing US war crimes or anyone in fact does, they will come for me or that person and make any bs charge, propaganda and lie to make it so that people resent me and feel nothing when my civil and human rights are being shattered into despair

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Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

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morenoingrato said:
Hopefully the U.S. gets that terrorist and jails him for life. Gitmo would be nice, too.

It's sad to see such ignorance. But why is he a terrorist again? Even the American Military Industrial Complex doesn't call him a terrorist. Also Gitmo has a lot of innocents being locked up and tortured so it would make sense. What about Any ghuraib? Does that sound nice?

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Chrkeller said:
"And yet US-employees hack government computers of different countries all the time. Do they all go to jail?"

Irrelevant. If you get away with speeding, does that mean speeding is no longer illegal? Of course not.

He did not hack anything though. The emails were most likely copied by someone in the Clinton campaign and sent to him. And Chelsea Manning was a whistleblower and a hero but she was tortured under Obama and is still being tortured today psychologically and perhaps even physically but I have no proof of the latter. 

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Chrkeller said:

He is being brought up on hacking charges. He committed a crime.

He hacked nothing and the espionage act isn't hacking. That's the more serious charge here

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

He assisted Manning in an attempt to hack government computers. Why is that so hard to understand?


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DonFerrari said:
vivster said:
Prison should never be a punishment for non-violent crimes.

So should people that defraud billions or trillions from the government not go to jail?

The best punishment for financial crimes is financial punishment. That means stripping them off their wealth forever until they can pay back what they stole plus fine and as an added bonus community work on weekends. It's a lot healthier than prison and it's beneficial for everyone.

Prison should be to protect people on the outside from violent people not as an extended slap on the wrist. A violent person goes there to cool off, so that he may become non-violent once he is released. There is really no point in putting non-violent people there. At some point the harshness of the punishment becomes irrelevant and there is no difference between doing community work for life or rotting in prison.

In my opinion punishment should focus more on the improvement of the individual and society rather than just be pure punishment with no benefit whatsoever.

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