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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New Switch Tegra X1 "Mariko" Chip Details


How will the new Switch Chip be leveraged?

Better Battery Life 11 28.21%
Better Battery Life & Fanless 15 38.46%
More POWER! 3 7.69%
All 3! 7 17.95%
There won't be a revision with a new chip. 2 5.13%
Don't care. 1 2.56%

This seems so fitting to have 2 Switch updates, the removal of the fan and longer battery life are perfect for a cheap Switch mini, the slight power boost will appeal to the hardcore fans who mainly play docked (who we know to be a substantial portion of the userbase ) and could be sold at a higher price compared to the mini

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My guess would be a better battery life in HH mode, but upped performance in docked mode.

Whoever thought of Mariko name should be shot.

I'd take more power, specifically for improving frame rates. I am fine with the battery life.

An improved battery life is pretty much a given, but fan removal, well... at this form factor, I think it'd be impossible or reckless.

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Making the Switch a bit smaller (not much), cheaper and also able to last more would make it a huge favor.
I was considering getting one at some point but I'll definitely wait for some improvements.
The New 2DS XL too so damn long but was finally completely worthy the wait, hope the new Switch model goes that way too.
Definitely hoping for a battery boost over performance boost, it doesn't need one, it's already quite capable for a handheld.
A more fitting pricing would be great to, actually that's the biggest issue to me.
Do it Nintendo.

sethnintendo said:
Whoever thought of Mariko name should be shot.

Apparently Nvidia like to name things after heros.

Marioko was supposedly the fiancee of Logan (wolverine).
So that might be why the name was picked, someone over there is a xmen fan.

Xen said:
An improved battery life is pretty much a given, but fan removal, well... at this form factor, I think it'd be impossible or reckless.

If it draws like 9watts in handheld mode, and going from 20nm planear to 16nm FinFETs..... you might see a reduction to like half.

If they can get it down to 4-5watts in handheld mode, that should be possible to cool passively, without it being reckless.

The only issue is if these are also able to dock.... passive cooling + docked modes higher power consumption = issue with heat.

But if these mini's cant dock, then its not a issue, or maybe they need a special dock to help with cooling or such.
There could be work arounds.

My guess is that portable mode will benefit from better battery and docked could probably see much higher stable gpu & cpu clocks.
Still hopefully Nvidia is working on something completely new and much stronger than this, because it's really not a needed upgrade for current Switch owners.

I expect it to be a shrink to 14/12/10nm (7nm is too expensive and too much in demand right now to produce large quantities). Probably the 12nm process NVidia is already using. However, no actual changes or redesigns in the hardware, so everything new comes with that shrink.

Which means either more power (about 30% max), more battery life (about 50% max), or a mix of both. Given that 30% more is barely visible, I think it will be better battery life except if the game explicitely calls upon the extra horsepower (those things can be programmed in)

It would also be ideal to power a smaller, thinner Switch, as it would produce less heat and run longer with a smaller battery, after all.