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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will Cyberpunk beat Skyrim sales?


Skyrim vs Cyberpunk

Yes, but will take more time 6 13.04%
Yes, in less time 4 8.70%
Never 36 78.26%

Even though it's too early to tell, I'd guess not. Skyrim is a title from a decades long franchise with a very usual style, gameplay and plot.

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Witcher 3 has sold 20m, I don't think Cyberpunk will sell better.

Not likely.  

The 30 million figure appears to be as of November 2016.  

The PS4, Xbox One and the Special Edition for PC version just released the month prior.  It then had a Switch, and VR version released the year after.  

I doubt it.

Skyrim's 30 Million is an old number, as the-pi-guy says.

Cyberpunk will be pretty huge though, coming off the hype of Witcher 3 and being a guaranteed cross-gen title. 20 Million is probably in the bag.

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Skyrim released and re-released on everything includeing toasters.....

So Im not sure it will.
cyberpunk will probably be a better quality game though (from what Ive seen).

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Nopes, it will be very successful, but it won’t beat Skyrim. Skyrim is one of those games that achieved mass market status, everybody was playing it. There is an old grandma that is a teacher at my school that is still obsessed with it.

It won't.

It will have a run similar to Red Dead Redemption 2.

Depends on whether or not Cyberpunk gets ported to toasters, potatoes, and smart cars.

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No. I foresee well over 10m, but to reach Skyrim levels requires a perfect storm of things. Skyrim came in the time when fantasy content was huge in the mainstream. CyberPunk style games aren't as popular. Fans of RPGs and CDPR will all buy it, but it'll have trouble bringing in a lot of normies. People can scoff all they want, but normies are the majority of sales.