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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How would you rate Microsoft's E3 conference out of ten?


How would you rate it out of ten?

1 2 1.79%
2 3 2.68%
3 8 7.14%
4 14 12.50%
5 17 15.18%
6 26 23.21%
7 23 20.54%
8 10 8.93%
9 4 3.57%
10 5 4.46%

I'd give it a 7/10. Great pace. A lot of great content. But I'd hoped to see more gameplay.

kirby007 said:

Looking good, those expecting actual gameplay vids are just fooling themselves...
Most actual footage is on the floors not the conference

Eh, what?

I think that Microsoft normally has more gameplay sections in their conferences. I know for sure that Sony and Nintendo do.

For instance, we had these in-depth gameplay sections in Sony's E3 2018.
The Last of Us: Part 2:
Ghost of Tsushima:
Kingdom Hearts 3:

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Well they showed a lot of trailer but lack of gameplay, also nothing really big for the announcement and most the announcement is just mix of multi platform and old games DLC . For Phantasy Star Online 2 is just an verry super old games that should happen on PS2 era.

OK they also announcing Next gen, surprise surprise , but they just announcing PS5 spec with Zen 2, Navi 8k, SSD, ray tracing and 120 hz FPS , Joking aside they need more than this to hype their next Xbox and not copy paste Sony. I bet , it will not create buzz and hype.

For Halo Infinite i believe we will get this type of graphic and Xbox next will have a capability to render it, because even it looks great it doesn't mind blowing at all and of course we need in game gameplay trailer.

Overall the presentation is less big than last year , is just copy paste form last year but now with Xcloud, but they are not giving to much detail about the Xcloud as well unlike Stadia announcement.

So i will give 6



  • Forza Horizon Lego expansion is incredible and creative
  • Cyberpunk 2077 with KEANU FUCKING REEVES out of nowhere
  • Double Fine acquisition is yet another great new studio for them and shows more first party growth
  • Game Pass is insane value
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps looks incredible
  • Minecraft Dungeons is really cute and could be fun
  • Elden Ring trailer was hype
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 being brought to the west for the first time
  • Flight Simulator being brought back
  • Tons of variety of different games, probably the most i've seen from Microsoft


  • Bleeding Edge... cool a new IP and it looked alright I guess, but the announcement with no actual gameplay after the trailer to show was weird af and lackluster. I love Ninja Theory tho so i'll def check it out regardless, and at least the alpha is really soon
  • Battletoads! but i'm not sure how I feel about the art style they chose.... also still no release date at all?
  • Halo Infinite trailer was good but once again no gameplay


  • Both of those Gears 5 trailers (and basically the entire Gears segment )were legitimately some of the worst trailers I have seen in ages and if anything made me less interested than I was before, good lord
  • Wasteland 3 trailer was awful as well imo and did nothing to make the game look interesting to me
  • Ending it with yet another boring as shit "people talk about the new hardware instead of showing anything" like they did back with Scorpio in 2017
  • Too many trailers that had either no gameplay or hardly any 

It's such a weird reverse where I feel like last year gave so much confidence for Xbox's First Party games after all the new acquisitions and announcements, but this year I feel like most of them completely fell flat. The entire Gears 5 segment was absolutely dreadful, Wasteland 3's trailer was awful as well imo, Battletoads art style i'm not sure if I like or not yet. Then both Halo Infinite and Bleeding Edge didn't even get any live gameplay shown (which is especially weird for a new IP like Bleeding Edge, but at least there's an alpha test in a few weeks).

The stuff they DID show and announce though like Ori, Forza Horizon 4's Lego Expansion, Minecraft Dungeons, and even Flight Simulator which I have no interest in all looked really good so it's just so jarring that they would advertise something like Gears 5 that way, which is a big game for them this year.

The 3rd party announcements were really good too but overall I honestly think the conference ultimately suffered from having too many trailers with no gameplay at all, especially first party. 

I honestly think (or hope at least) that they were just holding a lot of the major stuff back for next E3 when the focus moves directly towards next-gen, because that would explain why it was a letdown this year compared to last.

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Gears used to be about badass people cracking jokes and chainsawing their way through an alien horde. I really hate all the "Mah feelings" and "Im so conflicted" shit theyre trying to do. Its embarrassing.

If you want to be generous, 5/10 is the perfect score. No new AAA ip announced yet again.

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So E3 has been underwhelming as expected.

BraLoD said:
So E3 has been underwhelming as expected.

Even if Sony Join it wouldn't make any difference, glad they skipped for next gen console reveal. 

I do think is interesting that 'MS getting all 3rd party announcements didn't pan out'
Pretty much their usual 3rd party showing

twintail said:
I do think is interesting that 'MS getting all 3rd party announcements didn't pan out'
Pretty much their usual 3rd party showing

Probably too busy trying to buy half the industry...

KLXVER said:
twintail said:
I do think is interesting that 'MS getting all 3rd party announcements didn't pan out'
Pretty much their usual 3rd party showing

Probably too busy trying to buy half the industry...

Haha, rumours were quite thick for who they may have got.  Was alittle disappointed that it was only double fine