Forums - Gaming Discussion - How would you rate Microsoft's E3 conference out of ten?

How would you rate it out of ten?

1 2 1.79%
2 3 2.68%
3 8 7.14%
4 14 12.50%
5 17 15.18%
6 26 23.21%
7 23 20.54%
8 10 8.93%
9 4 3.57%
10 5 4.46%
Barkley said:
Zoombael said:
Soo... what are the 14 1st parties?

1. Ori
2. Battletoads
3. Halo Infinite
4. Gears 5
5. State of Decay 2
6. Bleeding Edge
7. Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition
8. Forza Horizon 4
10. Psychonauts 2 (guess this counts as they announced they bought them)
11. Gears Funko
12. The Outer Worlds
13. Minecraft Dungeons
14. Halo MCC??? (wasn't really shown they just mentioned REACH coming out on PC.)

But some are only an expansion or a DLC like State of Decay 2, Forza Horizon, and Minecraft. Also some of those games are indie games like Gears Pop and Ori. Overall, they have not shown much any new AAA exclusive titles (we already new about Gears and Halo). Not only that, they have not shown any game play for big titles including Cyberpunk, Halo, gears, etc... only CGI type of trailers..

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Good in general, 7-8. I wanted to know more about new console, specially since all the hype for the Google Stadia (wich i dont really liked that much). Also, i didnt like how they present the Gears 5 segment. The best of the conference i think, Ori, Cyberpunk, PSO, Psychonauts, Tales of and Halo and the way the gamepass is going with big library.

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In this day & age E3 is relatively unimpressive. These aren’t the days when we’d have to wait until E3 to get this news. We’re kept abreast 24/7 and aren’t surprised by anything. This is why the previous 5 E3 shows have been bland.


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Well Nintendo might be able to take E3. Microsoft seems to have underperformed, or at the very least controversially handled it.

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RolStoppable said:

A lot of shameless bragging about nothing. While it was a decent showing for Microsoft's standards, I am deducting points because I don't like them.


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Still watching. XBox game pass for PC seems like a good deal.

4 ≈ One

Looking good, those expecting actual gameplay vids are just fooling themselves...
Most actual footage is on the floors not the conference

A decently priced xb4 would make it 11/10

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Just catched up, a load of failed promises.

It had Cyberpunk and, what more could you possibly want?

4 or 5 / 10...... MS should have had this one in the bag, without sony around, and somehow it still ends up kinda flat.