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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan Sales week 22, May 27 - Jun 02 2019, Famitsu

NSW | 33.154
PS4 | 8.982
3DS | 2.255
PSV | 251
XB1 | 91

Another low week comparing from last year but up from last week. Incredible that all Switch games are up and PS4 is down.

PD: I want to to tell you guys I've started a Youtube Channel with topics about the Switch. I'll be grateful for your support by suscribing. It's in spanish as it's my mother language. Thanks you guys!

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Still low all round but switch able to have an increase from last week.
Almost Switch Domination for top 10!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Switch this year: 33,154
Switch last year: 36,271

Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Wow, the Switch is really dominating the charts... although I'm honestly really surprised Days Gone is still in the top ten too, lol.

The Switch regained some juice from the almighty disappointing last week !

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Things should start to pick for Switch at the end of June with Doraemon Story of Seasons, Yokai Watch 4 and Super Mario Maker 2. From there Switch should have a constant stream of releases each month till the end of 2019 to increase sales momentum.

Much better week for Switch

Nice lay out :)

Switch recovering a bit.

Next week will probably be boosted by the Pokemon Direct, so hopefully that week will be a bit better than the previous ones.

RolStoppable said:
Switch this year: 33,154
Switch last year: 36,271

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Should be peak year either this year or next year in Japan.  I'll probably go with next year considering AC and mainline Pokemon are releasing towards the end of the year.