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Forums - Movies & TV - What's your favorite MCU movie, and why?


Favorite sub-series?

Iron Man 1 3.23%
Thor 2 6.45%
Captain America 7 22.58%
Avengers 11 35.48%
Guardians of the Galaxy 7 22.58%
Ant-Man 0 0%
Other (1-film long) 3 9.68%

Black Panther. It's the best directed, has the highest level of craft, and has the most emotional standalone story. Best music too!

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War are my top two.

edit: I really like how grounded The Winter Soldier was, and also the espionage movie feeling. Love the combat scenes, and while Cap is a beast, it doesnt feel like he's totally invulnerable.

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I love the first Iron Man, and without it I really think we wouldn't have an MCU (particularly, of course, RDJ), but Guardians of the Galaxy takes this nod. Both 1 and 2 are great, but the first film just came out of nowhere for me and really established the zaniness of this series. If I had to pinpoint a favorite moment in the MCU, though, it would have to be the opening to Guardians 2. Mr. Blue Sky is just gold!

Civil War

What I loved the most about that movie is that it was not about the cliché good vs evil, but about two different ideologies clashing.

And two ideologies that you could actually see their pros and cons and where they were coming from. You could totally understand both sides of the conflict and actually agree with their points. In fact, at the end of the movie I still couldn't pick a side.

But what hit me the most was the final conflict between Tony, Steve and Bucky. Damn, I had never watched a fight scene where I literally didn't know who to root for. I mean, I was completely able to relate to Tony's pain, rage and subsequent reaction. But I was also able to relate to Steve's desire and decision to protect his friend (which he knew was innocent and who was also suffering for what they made him do).

Damn, the whole scene was actually painful to watch. Up until that moment no other superhero movie had made me laugh, cheer and cry (Infinity War and Endgame managed to do that too, but Civil War will always be the first).

And you what? I think CW doesn't get enough credit. I mean, I usually hear people talking (you know, those people who pretend to sound smart by crapping on superhero or action movies) and saying that superhero movies are too formulaics and too samey. But really, how many movies out there can you point out that doesn't end with the classic hero vs villain scene but instead with a clash between two friends who are actually both right?

Just finally caught up and watched End Game over the weekend. Fantastic ending. Made me pretty emotional which was unexpected. Guess I was more emotionally invested in the MCU than I thought.

My favourite still remains Winter Soldier. It just got so many things right and really shifted the overall narrative with the fall of SHIELD. Awesome final battle as well.

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The rest of the films? I will only say that at the bottom lies Captain Marvel with Black Panther immediately on top of it.

I haven't seen Endgame yet.

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Favourite film is Winter Soldier, it's generally the best film and feels truely like a comic being made into a film instead of all the other ones being films based on the comics. It is paced well, deals with personal things, has Zemo as a talking camera with a screen as a face (massive fanboy moment that). Cap doing cap things with his friends, like Gruenwald's Cap. Only thing missing was Diamondback.

My favourite series is Gaurdians as I feel it's films are the most consistant, ignoring the fact it turned comic Star Lord into a sarky dick, instead of the serious guy he was.

Hmm, pie.

I have within the last month watched all of the MCU movies(minus Captain Marvel), and I loved the GoTG movies the most. I can't put my finger on why, but it just seems like they did everything right. Can't wait for 3,

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shikamaru317 said:
Probably Avengers 3 (haven’t seen 4 yet). I’m not really a huge MCU fan, my favorite Marvel movie is pre-MCU, Spider-Man 2.

Go see Avengers Endgame and help contribute it to getting the #1 spot!!! lol Honestly, even though you may not be a big MCU fan I think its definitely worth watching on the big screen.


OT:  Hard to say which is my favorite but I know I definitely enjoyed the first Iron Man and Winter Soldier a lot.

I think Infinity War takes the cake with Winter Soldier and Civil War coming close behind. I'm still amazed at how well all the storylines fit together in IW. There's so many characters in various places but it never feels like a mess like Age of Ultron did. Thanos is a great vilain and he delivers thrilling fight scenes as well as emotional moments.

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