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Civil War

What I loved the most about that movie is that it was not about the cliché good vs evil, but about two different ideologies clashing.

And two ideologies that you could actually see their pros and cons and where they were coming from. You could totally understand both sides of the conflict and actually agree with their points. In fact, at the end of the movie I still couldn't pick a side.

But what hit me the most was the final conflict between Tony, Steve and Bucky. Damn, I had never watched a fight scene where I literally didn't know who to root for. I mean, I was completely able to relate to Tony's pain, rage and subsequent reaction. But I was also able to relate to Steve's desire and decision to protect his friend (which he knew was innocent and who was also suffering for what they made him do).

Damn, the whole scene was actually painful to watch. Up until that moment no other superhero movie had made me laugh, cheer and cry (Infinity War and Endgame managed to do that too, but Civil War will always be the first).

And you what? I think CW doesn't get enough credit. I mean, I usually hear people talking (you know, those people who pretend to sound smart by crapping on superhero or action movies) and saying that superhero movies are too formulaics and too samey. But really, how many movies out there can you point out that doesn't end with the classic hero vs villain scene but instead with a clash between two friends who are actually both right?