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Cover versions of Chrono Trigger redone more calmly. I find these GREAT for working along to since they both engage the mind without distracting it away from writing/reading.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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Monster Hunter Rise has a wonderful soundtrack with a distinct Japanese flavour

Been in a Tales of mood.

ARamdomGamer said:

Been in a Tales of mood.


The way this hits me in dem feelings.

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Now that I've progressed further and heard more of it's OST, some further Monster Hunter Rise greatness:

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In light of House of the Dead 2: Remake's reveal, I gotta say Magician's theme is one of the best boss theme songs I've ever heard:

I look forward to hearing it again soon.

One of the best for me.

The original Ratchet and Clank has some really amazing tracks. Really underrated in my opinion.

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I swear the further I get, the more spectacular MH Rise's soundtrack gets. One of the best game soundtracks I've heard in ages

One of my favorite final dungeon themes (Xenoblade Chronicles 1 spoilers)


When the huge door opens and this theme starts playing is such an epic moment.