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Hunting Season is done...

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Some opening songs that really pumped me up before playing the games.

Suikoden 3 (Murayama's Suikoden trilogy never got enough recognition, excellent game series, excellent music)

Final Fantasy 8

Wild Arms

Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy 4 (starts 0:20 - while it doesn't stand out against the others, when you consider this came out in 1991 and that nothing else had done anything to this level for an opening cinematic... And this game's music blew everything away at the time)

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Here's one not many people know but it's a hidden gem from a solid game.

Been listening to this soundtrack for the past week and today I just finished LTH. Toby music is just perfection, he gave it his all on the OST, like he would do with his own games. Hope he gets to work more with Nintendo games, his style fits so well with them, would love to hear his take on Kirby music.


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Once again I finished this gem today. This music plays in the ending scene and then blends into the staff roll. This tickles so many emotions in me.

ARamdomGamer said:


I agree, Daemon X Machina has a fantastic soundtrack!

Here are a couple of tracks I've been listening to lately.

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I haven't played XenoBlade 2 yet, but I thought this song was great.

Listening everyday lately.

there are two songs day and night.

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