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My favourite music from Odyssey!

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 I love this so much. It has got such a strong rhythm. It's so gothic, so romantic. I want to wear a tailcoat and dance with a beautiful lady in the pale moonlight to this.

This might be one of the worst stages in all of Mega Man history, with a terribly designed path, with terribly placed enemies, terribly placed goodies, and finally with a furiatingly hard boss at the end. But man, that music! This is the best 80s glam rock song I've ever heard.

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Falcom makes some of the best video game music. You can listen to all of their stuff the Falcom Music Channel on Youtube.

Dude, I admire your passion for video game music, I really do. But you're going wild here. How am I supposed to listen to all this? It's way too much. Also, you can't put 20 videos into each post, the pages take forever to load now. Also, if there was just one video per post I would be more likely to give a thumbs up but not if it's only one song within a miriade of others. Maybe other users would be inclined to participate more if you'd give us a little air to breathe once in a while.

 I like this one. I think this soundtrack is criminally underrated.