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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The PS4 Won The Console Generation By Being Boring: Can The PS5 Do The Same?

While Xbox did have some good ideas and features that eventually made it to PS4, PS4 won because it was more powerful, had a more consistent library of great games, and was cheaper. Xbox didn't do a great job explaining what they wanted to do and actually scared a lot of gamers away.

Plus PlayStation has always been the bigger brand.

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Xbox One with a better version of their last gen Kinect = Innovation and exciting

PS4 with fantastic first party games and a VR headset = Boring

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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I don't think "innovative" was the adjective people generally used to describe the DRM policies and the bundled Kinect.

And it's a marathon, not a sprint.
If it wasn't, PS3 would have lost at the start of last generation. But it made a comeback through adjustments to their hardware and exclusive games.

A couple of years into this generation and PS4 were killing it with big exclusive titles. That's also a reason why it ended up winning.

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KLXVER said:
They won by not trying to fix something that wasn't broke.

Absolutely agree with this, they built and maintained what the mainstream console gamers wanted and it paid off. Plus, they've had a slew of 1st party gems this gen, and also focused on solidifying their reputation as a company with a vested interest in keeping single player alive and well, with great results. I remember referring to Sony as complacent in their design choices, which I very much stand by, but it has been brilliant business. A little boring though? Sure.

Add to the mix that MS really dropped ball from the beginning, mandatory Kinect was among the biggest mistakes they've made since they joined the console race many years ago. Wii U falling flat and the Switch mostly selling to a different audience, and you have a powerful mix of circumstances to help them.

StokedUp said:
The Forbes artical makes them sound a bit salty to be honest. Microsoft wanted to do something that most console gamers don't want. Most console gamers just want to sit down with controller and play games. It's simple, it effective and it's not broken. Sony knows this and stuck to it and they should do exactly the same again. Let's not forget they put so much into bringing out AAAgames again which helps.

This. Salty, indeed. Firstly, the Kinect and cable thing weren't confusing at all. People just didn't give a shit about their console being tied into outdated tech and gaming fads.  Secondly, gamers hated the always online BS, which would have moved to all digital if it was successful, that MS was trying to shove down gamers throats.  Thirdly....

Sony may have made a more traditional console, but it wasn't boring.  The Share button was a huge innovation, which lends itself to Twitch and Youtube gamers. MS didn't even expect that and had to quickly throw it into their console. The DS controller got a slight makeover that was widely praised. And, of course, Sony brought the most important thing. Games, games, games.  The PS4 has a much larger library than the XBO, with many more highly rated and sought after exclusives.  MS stuck to their MO, great support at the beginning that peters out in the 2nd half the gen. While Sony kept to theirs, pumping out quality exclusives throughout the gen.

Edit: And I don't want to leave out PSVR, another thing Sony brought that was innovative.  It will be, by far, the bestselling VR kit and holds promise with the upcoming upgrade, which is rumored to be wireless.

Put simply, Sony had features and games gamers wanted, while MS slapped them in the face at the beginning of the gen, with DRM, and at the end, with a drought of exclusives. 

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PS4 won't by being the best gaming machine out there, and continues to do so. That's why it won

Ka-pi96 said:

Since when has good been boring?

I mean who on earth goes to the pub and says "ugh regular beer is so boring, I'd rather they put some weird shit in it instead"? Certainly not I! I'd much rather a good beer than some weird shitty drink.

Fruity cider > Beer... fight me. :P 

forbes blows big time. sony won because ps4 has a better library. also the wii u was just rough as fuck and the xbox has the shittiest UI i've ever dealt with.

Forbes actual post: PS4 won because it didn't try to screw gamers from the start and focused on games.
Well, I'm all in for that to happen again, indeed.
About PS4 lack of innovation... PSVR (VR gaming), PSNow (streaming gaming), Remoteplay (remote gaming on other devices) and Shareplay (play your friend games without owning it) you saw all those ideas on consoles first on PS4. Including Crossplay, Street Fighter V was PS4/PC from the get go.
Seems like someone at Forbes is kinda personally hurt.

Sony won by not doing any major fuck ups, as opposed to MS and Nintendo.