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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Final Fantasy VII finally available on a Nintendo platform

Now if only they put it on a cartridge.

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I am playing this while putting on a blindfold and smoking cigarettes.

It’s good to see that switch owners are enjoying this old gems square made during the late 90’s, but it also shows how average their modern games are, nothing they produce these days comes remotely close to what the did during the snes and psx era, thanks square for all the memories too bad you are just a shadow of your former self, at least Capcom has been really good lately, rip Konami.
Anyway it would be cool if they release other not so we’ll known games like xenogears, chrono cross, vagrant story, valkyrie profile,etc. The switch seems to be the perfect platform for these type of games.

Putting it on a cartridge would be really symbolic.
I think Square should at least make some limited edition versions on cartridge for collectors.

killeryoshis said:
The wait to get Final Fantasy VII on a Nintendo system is longer then it was to go from Final Fantasy 1 to Final Fantasy VII, Doesn't matter though. I have been waiting for this game since Final Fantasy VI came out in 1994.

Have you never played it before?

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I will quadruple dip it (Already have it on PS1 and PC - will be triple dipping on PS4) after I get a Switch.


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if you waited this long to play FF7.

now you'll know why it's a master of masterpieces. muheehahaa

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V-r0cK said:
Nintendo better step up their hardware or else it may take them another 22yrs to get the FFVII Remake lol jk jk

I'll definitely pick this up on my Switch soon. Does anybody know if you can play this game stretched to fit your Switch screen? So far videos i've seen kept it at the 4:3 ratio with side bezels. Seems like it should but i didnt read any details about this.

Haha. This post genuinely cracked me up. ;)

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deskpro2k3 said:

if you waited this long to play FF7.

now you'll know why it's a master of masterpieces. muheehahaa

I played it many times before, but the symbolism of playing it on a Nintendo console makes this playthrough particularly special.


I agree, Square has kind of fallen. But IMO their old games, despite their flaws, are still among my favourite games to play even today. Even with those 14 polygonal models (I kid!!! It's more like 26 or 27!) don't diminish the artistic merit of the games -- I don't just mean the art component, the gamelay, story, everything are all a part of it... Though the backgrounds from the PSX era FF games are still some of my favourite videogame graphical art ever!

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Not that important. Even more when it still doesn't receive the current FFs due to HW limitations.

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Aren't they remaking this game? If so, should I hold off playing it for the first time until then? I'm playing my first ever FF game (IX) and I am enjoying it, though it feels dated in a bad way with controls. Should I even bother with two games PRIOR to 9? I like SNES era games, but hate N64 ones.