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What would a Switch Pro be?

Brand new system 5 8.47%
Upgraded Nintendo Switch 54 91.53%

There is no need for a Switch Pro.

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I hope we don't get a Switch Pro. Better to wait to launch a whole different console with a considerable jump in power than just small incremental upgrades. I'm not a fan of buying hardware every two-three years.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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V-r0cK said:
RolStoppable said:

The usual idea that people have when they speculate about a Switch Pro is that its purpose is to get AAA third party publishers to port their games to Switch.

The immediate flaw is that third parties do not exclusively develop for a certain version of a console, so a Switch Pro is essentially pointless.

loll then ya no point about having a Switch Pro then.  I'm content with how it is now.

It would hardly be pointless. Even if b9th consoles get the same library, a Switch with a moderate upgrade - using the X2 at higher clocks, for example - would still provide the same benefits a PS4 Pro does: improved visuals and/or image quality, better framerates, etc.  Not unlike the New 3DS.  Also, Nintendo's own games would benefit, especially with them taking a shine to adaptive res.  Splatoon 2 could probably just lock in 1080p instead of scaling down and possibly support the same AA solution in game as it has in the hub.  Super Mario Odyssey could similarly benefit by locking in its900p res. Doom and Wolfenstein 2 would definitely benefit greatly as they use adaptive res very agressively.  In fact, ever game using adaptive res would benefit without even a need for patching.  

Games would look better and run better and with the more efficient X2, battery life could increase as well.  

The concept is hardly pointless.  It's not about bringing in more 3rd parties but about making the Switch experience better.  And from a marketing perspective, keeping the system more relevant as the next generation begins.  When it comes to that, it's not just about pure direct competition, it's also about mind share and general attention.  A Switch Pro would help keep the Switch at the fore front of the general audience's minds.

CaptainExplosion said:
DonFerrari said:
Switch Pro isn't necessary. When it is 5 year old then a replacement for Switch is better.

As long as it doesn't have the same terrible naming convention of the Wii to Wii U transition.

For me Wii to WiiU is equivalent to NES to SNES and that didn't cause issues.

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It’s gonna be called something different like Switch Plus and will be a upgraded system , not a new one


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SKMBlake said:
Amnesia said:

I believe that it is already not possible anymore to have port from 2018+.

I am impatient to see how will render DOOM...

What about Mortal Kombat 11 Switch version ?

Yes I was thinking about this one too when I was writing to you.

And that's all. New coming games to conclude the generation of the PS4 and XBOX1 are already too far beyond the Switch. So there must be something coming around 2021 max from Nintendo on hardware side, a new Nintendo console stronger or something else.

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Upgraded switch like the X or pro, and it will NOT be this year. Late 2020 or early 2021

There will likely be a release next year for the Switch Pro.  Switch Mini is coming this year.  Pro will feature a higher resolution screen and enough additional power to allow more 3rd party games.  It will not be an entirely new system, but developers will be allowed to make a decision on if they want to support the base Switch or if their game will need to use the extra power.  Nintendo will sell the Pro piece-wise.  Some skews with controllers, some with docks, some with only the body. The body only offer, without controllers or dock, will sell for $200 for those who want to upgrade their Switch.  The controllers will be the same design and similar cost individually bought that they are now.  The Switch Pro skew with controllers and dock will be the original launch price of $300, and the original model will go down to $200 with controllers and dock, until those skews sell out.   While they will likely make every skew, original and new, in mass quantities for next holiday, I'm not sure if they will continue to make original skews after the holidays once they are gone. I doubt they will. They originally had planned for Metroid Prime 4 to launch with it, bundled with it's own Labo VR variant, but due to the huge development delay, Nintendo will change the launch title to market with its features.  First party games will be made to support all Switch versions, but may have some adjustments to take more advantage of the Pro features.  I'm not sure how long into the Switch Pro's lifespan they will continue that trend.

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I still believe that we see a cheaper SKU without dock this year to replace the 3DS and please the handheld customers and next year we get a dock with additional power for the ones who primary use the console in TV mode and to have a chance to somehow compete with PS5/Nextbox and get further third party support for more demanding games.