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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How much $ do you spend on gaming?

1. How much do you typically spend on gaming each year. Recent big gaming purchases?

It usually depends. I was probably close to 1K (CAD Dollar) during the Switch's first year (not even mentionning the 3DS games I bought too) but this would usually be my biggest year in terms of spending. I also don't jump on sales too often (sometimes on Steam) so I pay full pot for my Nintendo stuff. A typical year like last year was more around the 400-600$ mark. I wouldn't be surprised if this year was more costly than usual due to the sheer amount of games I'm waiting for though. I'm anticipating something around 800$ CAD. Haven't done a purchase related to hardware or accessories. (No, I'm planning something big next year ;) )

2. How do you fund your gaming habits (i.e., what do you do for a living), and if you're comfortable answering, how much do you make?

How do I fund my gaming habits ? Effort,work and perseverance :P There's money too ...
I mean I'm kinda torn appart between my studies, my job, my other principal hobby (tennis) and video games but it works out fine (more like 3/4 of the year is fine the last quarter is always a disaster) by the end. Now, you might guess that I'm not the money maker type but since I live what a consider a blanced life without spending mindlessly on everything that goes my way which means I have space to breathe with my salary averaging 15K.

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I wanna say ~$600 per year on average?

About $95 a month, and that's with getting everything for nearly 30% off. I pretty much buy everything that gets 80% or higher on Opencritic, with a few exceptions. I think I buy two or three games a year that are borderline at 78 or 79.

Around £140ish (The last 3-4 years of gaming for me have been trash, so I've spent little on AAA games and more on indies), well, going by the deals I find via Humble bundle, GMG or free games found anywhere else that interest me.

I'm only paying every 6 months for ESO, since I've dropped my WoW and FFXIV subs, so that remains a constant drain on cash per year, though just twice every year (which is cheaper for me than paying per month in the long-run).

2017 was the time I upgraded my rig a second time, as well as adding in a monitor, but the upgrade/monitor expenses were not as high, though the following year, buying a Switch and paying full price for said games on there, quickly managed to mount up the amount spent during that year (which is why I've decided to spend less on the Switch and just wait for deals instead).

Not really one to disclose my earnings.

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Average of about €250 a year I guess, but it varies (depends on whether or not I'm buying a new console). I think it was about €400 in 2017 and €100 in 2018. In 2019 there are 4 games I'm looking forward too, so that should be €240.

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Probably went from somewhere around $750 a year (let's say one full priced game a month and a bit of my most recent console purchase to round up) to somewhere around $100 a year (about 3 big releases discounted along with a handful of smaller games and DLC, also transitioned to Linux full time so my console games purchases are more limited).

My gaming related purchases really went through the floor once I got into college (even though my purchasing power has gone quite a way up).

Zero $.

I spend €.

Hunting Season is done...

I have spent $640 in 2018 (ps4).
$390 on sony exclusives and ps plus.

It varies, I spent quite a bit in the last half of 2018, and a fair amount in the first half, probably upwards of 700$ all in all, but this year is looking much slower. I estimate I'll probably spend no more than half that amount this year.

A lot. In 2017 it was around 1500$ I guess. Don't remember exactly but there was a year-end thread here on VGC where I posted my spendings. Last year I've stopped counting after I went past 1500$ mark, probably 2500-3000$. I work as a full time software engineer.