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Around £140ish (The last 3-4 years of gaming for me have been trash, so I've spent little on AAA games and more on indies), well, going by the deals I find via Humble bundle, GMG or free games found anywhere else that interest me.

I'm only paying every 6 months for ESO, since I've dropped my WoW and FFXIV subs, so that remains a constant drain on cash per year, though just twice every year (which is cheaper for me than paying per month in the long-run).

2017 was the time I upgraded my rig a second time, as well as adding in a monitor, but the upgrade/monitor expenses were not as high, though the following year, buying a Switch and paying full price for said games on there, quickly managed to mount up the amount spent during that year (which is why I've decided to spend less on the Switch and just wait for deals instead).

Not really one to disclose my earnings.

Last edited by Chazore - on 13 March 2019