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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you follow game streaming/let's play channels?

So, I've noticed game streaming and let's plays have really boomed in popularity in the last five years or so, and nowadays you have many, many channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, or even millions. That makes for quite a lot of people watching.

The question is, as the thread title says, do you follow  game streaming or let's play channels? Whether on YouTube or Twitch, or any other website.

If so, what is their appeal to you? Do you prefer to watch games instead of playing them? Is it because you want to see the outcome of eSports matches? Is it the charisma of the gamers? These are the possibilities that first come to my mind, but I want to hear from you guys, since I'm not a lot into it.






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I like Speedrunners. I follow a bunch of them on Twitch, Mostly the ones that speedrun games from my childhood.

And no, I don't watch let's plays of games that I never played before, because that would be spoilers.

I only watch one channel that does livestreams and let's plays. I never really saw the appeal in watching other people play games. But after finishing my Moon-run on Super Mario Odyssey last April i decided to look up some videos on how other people had done certain things. Then i remembered PwerlvlAmy had a Youtube-channel so i looked her up and she did indeed have some Odyssey-videos. I ended up watching some more of her content and decided to subscribe.

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I watch more game streaming than I watch regular TV, and definitely watch more games being played than I actually play myself. I usually watch Fortnite, or Apex Legends, or a game that I am interested in but not committed to buying. I find it has saved me a lot of money in letting me see the game before I take the plunge, and it has also caused me to buy games I never would've thought about after seeing them streamed.

No, I don't see the appeal at all. The only gameplays that I occassionally watch are the ones that are funny and heavily edited to only show the best moments (like videogamedunkey).

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No. I rather play the game on my own. What I donis look for reaction on certain scenes.

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Some. They're decent enough entertainment when eating, and watching streams can occassionally be fun. Streams are extremely time-consumign though, so even though I might enjoy watching even more of them, I just can't afford the time.

I have never watched a let's play in my life. I have no interest at all in watching other people play video games. The only times I watch anything close to that is when I'm stuck in a game, or when I want to see game play of a game I'm considering buying. But, I turn to tutorial videos or video reviews for those things.

I watch Twitch pretty much every day. Mostly for games but there's some good IRL content out there too.

My favourite streams:

AdmiralBulldog - Easily my favourite. Former Dota 2 pro, now full time streamer, mostly of Dota 2 plus he let's plays whatever big game has just released if it appeals to him. Very funny if you like meme humour and self-deprecation. Lots of interaction with chat.

Jakenbakelive - A sort of travelogue streamer. An American who moved to Japan and lives off the income from his stream (which recently boomed in popularity). As someone who is intrigued by Japanese culture (actual Japanese culture, not weeb shit) his stream is interesting to watch. His eating out in Japanese restaurants, meeting people who are stream sniping him, exploring the country, and interacting with the locals are the best parts of his stream for me.

Hitch - IRL streamer who films himself hitchhiking all over the world. Basically films every moment of his travels, from the hour he wakes in his tent to the end of the day when he's pitched it back up and is about to go to sleep. It's really quite fascinating. Uses the money from his stream to pay for his flight to his starting location, food, and streaming equipment. I wouldn't ever hitchhike but it's fun to watch someone else doing it in realtime xD I started watching while he was doing this route over xmas: Iceland>England>Scotland>Ireland>Wales>England>France>Belgium>The Netherlands>Belgium>France>Andorra>Spain.

TheBadLuckBuddha - Body painter (but in a mostly non-titillating way). Typically a stream lasts half a day as she paints on cool, grotesque creations or super hero concepts to her upper body (e.g. she recently did a Spider-Man/Venom mash-up). One of the smaller streams, so chat is cool and welcoming, and she has a likable personality and allows chat to pick which songs play, which is a nice bonus.

Sweet_Anita - I don't watch her as much anymore but I'll watch for a bit if no one else is on, just for a laugh. Her thing is she has tourettes, so says the most inappropriate things at the worst of times. The way chat reacts to some of the stuff she says is great. She's got a good sense of humour too.

MarthTV - Our very own @Marth! German streamer, mostly of StarCraft II pro scene, but also streams playing it himself as well as games like Fallout 4. Although his stream is technically German he can speak good English and will interact with any viewers who can only understand English (such as myself). His chat is welcoming and Marth himself is super friendly. He reminds me of Shroud in terms of personality - no faking it for the camera and over-acting, he's just being himself. Can't meme for shit though and needs to ENABLE BTTZ & FRANKERFACEZ FFS!

Inv0kergirl - Dota 2 player. Like Marth, she streams in a foreign language for me (Russian), but speaks good English and will interact in English with anyone who types in chat in English. She's around my level of play with most heroes (5k MMR), but she plays what is widely regarded as the most difficult hero in the game to an absolutely incredible level for a non-pro, which is impressive to watch.

TrunksWD - Another one from VGC - @trunkswd - he streams all sorts of games, a mix of whatever is popular at the time as well as some slightly older stuff that his regulars enjoy playing like Fortnite (ergh), Golf With Friends, Jackbox, etc. The timezones don't always match up but I'll pop in if I see him streaming.

There's also a Dark Souls speedrunner called SayviTV on my follow list but she hasn't really been playing much of interest to me lately so I've not tuned in much. Her Dark Souls skills are insane tho - she actually beat Dark Souls III's bosses blindfolded.

Plus I watch whatever channel is broadcasting any Dota 2 tournament with my favourite team in it, though I don't actually follow any broadcasting channels, I just use Liquipedia and Reddit to find the relevant links.

Yes for me. I have a Twitch account, please don't hack it okay? Many of you are way smarter than me.

I enjoy streaming, ahem sorry, that came across really wrong. What I meant to say was, I enjoy watching live-streams, and playbacks.