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Well you watch for the people ^^'

I love sovietwomble:    He also has the 'best' edit videos :p

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I don't watch or follow any of them. I get some stories about games and such from Facebook posts, and that's about it for me.

No I don't and I don't see the appeal either. Just seems incredibly boring and then you additionally get to hear stupid and over the top commentary. No thanks.

I only watch a bit of speedrunning, but only during GDQ or ESA. I'm pretty much dependent on commentary there since I wouldn't know what is going on but even there are some incredibly annoying people and tons of cringworthy memes...

I'm not big into game streamers (I'd rather play the game myself), but I follow TheKnownWorld for his excellent HOMM3 playthroughs, guides and challenges. Also ryukahr is fun to watch for his Mario Maker playthroughs. 

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I occasionally watch videos from VGC members. As for streams, I jumped on GribbleGrunger's streams a few times in summer 2017, and sometimes, but not often, watch a couple of my PSN friends. Neither is generally my bag. I don't bother very often, and I have to at least kinda-sorta know you to do it at all.

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I don't follow any story playthrough channels, but I regularly watch Super GT, TidgneyRacing and TheKie25 play Gran Turismo Sport on Youtube, especially the FIA races. Highly entertaining.

When you get to my age you're flat out playing, let alone watching other people play....

When I had lots of time I watched many different channels and streams. It was mostly to waste time between the more important things, it is just a stress free activity where I don't have to think much like tv. Now I just spend most of my time playing a single game and watching sports.

Nogamez said:

Nope but i do watch a fair bit of Spawnwave, beat em ups and RGT_85 along with IGN, gamexplain, DF and a few other channels. More news, updates and reviews type channels.

Oh and lets not forget Arlo, i think he used to bo on here before he started his YT channel. Its booming now.

I love him, he has a very original concept and he always brings things pretty positive even when he is being negative :p

I wish him lots of further growth.

Not really