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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you follow game streaming/let's play channels?

I'm a bit late to the party and have just recently begun watching Twitch regularly, but I've watched let's plays on Youtube for much longer. I mostly watch games I don't have any intention to play for myself (e.g. Hearts of Iron IV) but that I find enjoyment in when someone else is doing the playing part. I also watch a lot of Super Mario Maker levels and Mario romhacks that I just don't have the skills to play myself. As of late I've also started watching more and more retro games.


Then you have people who have interesting/weird/random personalities that are entertaining to watch for those reasons. There are certain Twitchers I just listen to because of all the funny or crazy stuff they say.

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Yep, on youtube (not really a twitch fan, I like to watch videos on my own schedule)

My top 4 most watched:

1. Jesse Cox
2. Let's Play (Achievement Hunters)
3. Super Beard Bros.
4. Funhaus

I don't look at Twitch ... but I do however like to watch occasionally let's plays of horror games, visual novel or games made in RPG Maker on Youtube.

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No, I’m probably to old and just don’t see the appeal.

Sitting in a couch next to a friend that is playing has happaened many times, but that’s different, it has a social aspect to it.

I don't see the point. If I want see gaming, then I play the damn games.

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I stopped watching Let's Play and just watch streams on Twitch.


i cant think of anything more boring tbqh


that said, i do like video reviews/ previews

Not really because I am not part of it.

I do watch speedruns of older games though and like for example an e-sports tournament or a poker tournament,

I have my own channel for trading cards though. In that one people at least participate in it so there is a reason to watch lol.



Nope but i do watch a fair bit of Spawnwave, beat em ups and RGT_85 along with IGN, gamexplain, DF and a few other channels. More news, updates and reviews type channels.

Oh and lets not forget Arlo, i think he used to bo on here before he started his YT channel. Its booming now.

Well you watch for the people ^^'

I love sovietwomble:    He also has the 'best' edit videos :p