Forums - Gaming Discussion - I'm 3 Collosi in and hating Shadow of the Colossus - should I persist?

If you hate a game, just stop, but try to comeback to it in the future, I really hated the first Dark Souls, I couldn't understand why people loved the game, in a couple of months, I tried, then stopped again, then finally, the satisfaction in progressing the game slowly made the game really enticing until I finally loved the game(then bought all the souls games), it might not be for you in the beginning, but maybe in the future, it'll be your favorite. Play a different game for now, you'll comeback to it, or not.


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Biggerboat1 said:
BraLoD said:

You should hate yourself instead.
Jokes aside, the game is that, seak and beat colossi.
There is a story going on, it develops mostly during the end of game, tho.
The colossi gets a lot "harder", tho, not in the sense of pure difficulty but on working out how to beat them.
The more you realize the colossi are the actual levels and the map is there just to make you wonder what you have been doing (and seek upgrades and collectibles, as yes, there is stuff to look on while exploring), the more you'll realize the actual design of everything being as it is.
Shadow of the Colossus is a masterpiece, one of the most powerful videogames ever, you should stick with it.

Ok, I'll give it another go tomorrow - I really do want to like it... So far it's just really fell under my understandably high expectations...

What's the cut-off though? How many more Colossi should I give it before I eject forever if I'm still not enjoying it?

I don't know which colossi might make you click to liking the game. You should try them all, specially to get to see the game conclusion.

There are 16 colossi, you can beat the game on a first run on less than 10 hours without a problem, so even if you end up not enjoying it even after finishing it, that's just it, it didn't take that much of your time.

I think it's better than never knowing if you could eventually fall for it.

If you haven't enjoyed the game so far - you can stop playing. The game doesn't change.

All games by Ueda (ICO, The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus) have bad controls and a boring environment/story for many people. If you are not able to feel and enjoy the atmosphere as well as having empathy for the colossi you are killing, it's simply not a game for you. Just play Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassins Creed and all the other AAA stuff. Maybe watch the ending of SOTC on YouTube. It's one of the best endings in video game history. But I don't believe it will have any impact on you.

I am really sick and tired of people who can not understand the Ueda games. Especially The Last Guardian.

It wouldn't represent modern Sony but Sony from the ps2 era. The ps4 Sony games like god of war, horizon, uncharted lost Legacy and spidey are a different league. If you're going to play the above leave GOW till last.

If you dont mind pissing away time, sure!

I beat it on PS3 because the game is kinda interesting but its a slog.

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I am back !! 😂. Most of the game is about killing collosus , however there are secrets to be found. There secrets that increases your stamina and health. There are also secret area to be found. If i am not mistaken its part of a trophy in the remake. Having to figure out how to get on them , is what makes the game good. Thats because every collosus is different ans how to gwt on top of them is also different.

redacted. and how!

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Spidey is probably one of the reasons why the game is feeling like a slow and sluggish and the controls feel more horrendous that what they are.

I tried to get back into AC:Origins after spidey and just couldn't, and AC:C has decent controls.

SotC is like an old classic movie like Labyrinth or Dark Crystal. There is a lot of wonder and mystery. There are no big explosions and it is not the best of dialogue, acting, and can be considered outdated in so many ways, but it's considered what it is due to what it nails, it does so perfectly and there isn't anything like it or there.

As mentioned, each boss is like a puzzle and getting to each boss is like a puzzle in itself. The level design of getting there and getting to the weak spots on bosses is what sets this apart from anything else.

Then you have the subtle story telling, that tells a really meaning full story, the music and the hidden collectibles.

The controls aren't the best, but they are far from being horribly bad, but coming straight off spidey they will feel like you're walking bare foot through glass.

As Pervy Sensei said, there are only 16 colossi. If you can, try stick it out as quite a few of them are frigging amazing.

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It was one of my first console games, coming from keyboard and mouse I was fighting the camera more than the colossi until gave up and watched a let's play, but I did end up playing through it myself.

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If you do not enjoy your time with it you should just stop playing,doesnt matter if a lot of others enjoyed it.