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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Subspace Emissary or World of Light?

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Do you prefer Subspace Emissary or World of Light?

Supspace Emissary 31 58.49%
World of Light 22 41.51%

Subspace all day. I just 100% WoL the other day, but I'm not sure if I ever had fun at all.

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i honestly prefer World of Light. its a fun way to experience all the zaniness that Smash Bros is capable of having, while eliminating the need to create dozens of custom rule sets or setting up special smashes. it also doesnt have any long platforming areas, which is nice since Smash's mechanics arent really built around that, and it always felt awkward in Subspace.

SE does lead in one respect, and thats cutscenes. Above anything else, Subspace will always be iconic for having these cutscenes featuring all these characters interacting with each other, while in World of Light there are only 5 or 6 total (3 just for the different endings) and dont show any of what makes all these characters unique.

so for gameplay, World of Light. and for story, Subspace Emissary

World of Light, since its reveal I was so enchanted by it and after completing it, is pretty much everything I wanted from a Smash Adventure mode.

All the sub worlds based on different franchises and the spirit fights, just getting to see what kind of characters were getting representation and a lot of their fights being really cool references to their respective games, was just awesome.

Part of it may be just because I'm a huge nintendo fan, but it was nice to see that all my useless knowledge, familiarity and nostalgia was making me enjoy WoL a ton more.

And the final battle is the franchise's finest moment to me, such a fantastic way to end it.


*Edit: also I played the entire thing with Kirby and I just love to see it as one big adventure where Kirb saves the gaming universe from what amounts to an usual thursday villain for them.

I would have said SSE, but I just completed WoL for the 3rd time, this time on a spiritless run, and I might do it again eventually on a Nuzlocke run. So I have to ask myself, why do I keep playing? And I think it's that it's basically event mode from the previous games with a bit of story tying the events together. Event mode was always one of my favorite parts of Smash. Ever since Melee I've wanted an event creator where you could set up events of your own with unique conditions. Since starting Ultimate, most of my play time outside of WoL has been on the Spirits board. I just love that there's literally hundreds upon hundreds of events, each with their own unique and creative flavoring to make Smash a little bigger than it otherwise would be, referencing characters and games that would never otherwise be in Smash.

SSE had great cutscenes, letting the characters interact in all sorts of fun ways, and I do miss that. And I do somewhat miss even the platforming, although it wasn't always the best, just because it gave a sense of scale to the world that made it feel like more than a gameboard I was moving pieces on. I liked its gameplay, and its slightly more in-depth narrative, but honestly, it just made me wish I was playing a proper Kingdom Hearts style Nintendo game with an epic RPG worthy story that crossed over various Nintendo worlds. Something like that deserves to be its own franchise, not a mode in Smash. For a Smash story mode, why not just use Smash's excellent gameplay with tweaks unique to that mode? So for a Smash adventure mode, WoL honestly works a little better, though I'd have enjoyed a few more cutscenes. I still love SSE though, I just probably won't play it as many times as I've played and will continue to play WoL.

Mar1217 said:

Both experience will be tied to their gameplay, so I can say that I was having honestly a better time with WoL but ...

the cutscenes in Subspace Emissary always made me grin with a huge smile whenever I was seeing my fav characters on screen. Also there's that moment which might qualify as the most epic moment in gaming history :


The thing is though Sakurai correctly said that Subspace was basically a cool experience just one time because of the cutscenes, and what happened was a lot of people just uploaded those cutscenes and people experienced those "epic moments" without ever actually playing the game, without context or more damaging to Brawl, without actually buying the game since the viewer of that cutscene didn't need to buy the video game and pay Nintendo for the most epic part of it.

"Unfortunately, the movie scenes we worked hard to create were uploaded onto the internet. You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees [a cutscene]. I felt if players saw the cutscenes outside of the game, they would no longer serve as rewards for playing the game, so I've decided against having them."

Keep in mind too just how many cutscenes there are in subspace, there's literally hours of movies, that shit takes so much work to render and put together and the end result can all be watched now on youtube, all the viewer misses out on is a 2 minute fight in between the movies.... and ya know, buying a Wii and the game from Nintendo.

I personally loved Subspace, but I completely understand Nintendo for not wanting to go down that route again and after seeing the true ending and 100%'ing all of the achievements from the Adventure tab I can say I had a lot of fun and enjoyment getting all the fights in that complete.... maybe one area aside... an area that includes cannonballs and flips... just... no.


also this was more epic for his landing lol

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Subspace easy. I can play Event mode on other Smash games but this one is the Adventure mode now? Hell no. I just want a well done, co op Subspace 2. You don't even need to have tons of cutscenes. Just playing with a friend going through a stage with Sonic and Mario is novel and fun enough.

Subspace had its issues, we get that. But it kills World of Light which is just a glorified event mode. I laughed during Subspace, was genuinely interested by what was going on with some of the characters...the same can't be said for WoL.

How does each improve? Well, make World of Light the Event mode in the next smash. And make Subspace 2 with Nintendo/3rd Party themed worlds with a light story and meaty campaign. While World of Light felt like grindy busy work, Subspace felt like a compliment to the multiplayer focus of Smash.

Definitely subspace. It felt more like a journey together, whereas WoL was just endless fights. I just wish Nintendo would go the KH route and make a big RPG with all of its franchises included.

I personally prefer Subspace a tad more for its story and platforming gameplay. However, I REALLY enjoyed World of Light, especially the second half. I love that they're both very different, which makes them special in their own ways.

For me, there's certain things one does better than the other. For instance, Subspace had a much better story, and the character interactions were the best! However, many of Subspace's worlds felt bland and uninspired, while World of Light has a lot more variety, and contains areas that are faithful homages to certain franchises (DK Island, Street Fighter, Castlevania, etc).

One thing's for sure though: both have really cool bosses. The boss fight against Galeem is a personal favorite. Love the fight and the music!


Never played Subspace, even though I have Brawl, but loved World of Light. All of it. Pretty much what an adventure mode in a fighting game should be. Also had an epic ending.

Subspace emissary all the way. Loved the cutscenes, platforming and story.

WOL became a chore as it progressed, where I asked myself when it would actually end. Didn't enjoyed it much.

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