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I would have said SSE, but I just completed WoL for the 3rd time, this time on a spiritless run, and I might do it again eventually on a Nuzlocke run. So I have to ask myself, why do I keep playing? And I think it's that it's basically event mode from the previous games with a bit of story tying the events together. Event mode was always one of my favorite parts of Smash. Ever since Melee I've wanted an event creator where you could set up events of your own with unique conditions. Since starting Ultimate, most of my play time outside of WoL has been on the Spirits board. I just love that there's literally hundreds upon hundreds of events, each with their own unique and creative flavoring to make Smash a little bigger than it otherwise would be, referencing characters and games that would never otherwise be in Smash.

SSE had great cutscenes, letting the characters interact in all sorts of fun ways, and I do miss that. And I do somewhat miss even the platforming, although it wasn't always the best, just because it gave a sense of scale to the world that made it feel like more than a gameboard I was moving pieces on. I liked its gameplay, and its slightly more in-depth narrative, but honestly, it just made me wish I was playing a proper Kingdom Hearts style Nintendo game with an epic RPG worthy story that crossed over various Nintendo worlds. Something like that deserves to be its own franchise, not a mode in Smash. For a Smash story mode, why not just use Smash's excellent gameplay with tweaks unique to that mode? So for a Smash adventure mode, WoL honestly works a little better, though I'd have enjoyed a few more cutscenes. I still love SSE though, I just probably won't play it as many times as I've played and will continue to play WoL.