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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does Nintendo Have a Scheduling Problem for 2019?


Which Game Do You Thing Will Most Likely Slip Into 2020?

Zelda: Link's Awakening 2 3.03%
Animal Crossing 9 13.64%
Luigi's Mansion 3 6 9.09%
Town 21 31.82%
Pokemon 8 12.12%
None 20 30.30%
cycycychris said:
August - Daemon x Machina + Astrial Chain


oh my god


Daemon X Machina would look so much worse if put next to a Platinum Game :/

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NightlyPoe said:
Green098 said:

There are rumours of a new labo game coming out in soon so that will probably it. Other than that, third party content is plentiful enough to fill in any gaps at least.

Guys, the topic is about the lack of gaps in the back half of the year.

Oops, then I don't see any problem with Nintendo's 2019 schedule ...unless too big many games can be bad thing?

I'd like a few more shoved in personally to cover everybody's tastes and drive momentum.

Town will probably slip to 2020. It looked like a pre-alpha during the September 2018 Direct.

I mean PS4 has multiple third and 1st partt games releasing per month why cant switch? Its not like say Animal crossing and something like Fire Emblem are aimed at the same market is it?

An even spread would be nicer but think of how many big titles launch on PS4 in one month. It really is ok to have 2 big hitters launch alongside each other provided they're competing the same genre (Pokemon & Fire Emblem for example).

But I really don't think Pokemon is a given for 2019...

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The 2nd half of the year is definitely crowded for them unless some stuff gets delayed. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if either Animal Crossing or Pokemon gets delayed, sadly.

I think it will look something like this

June - Mario maker 2

July/August - Fire Emblem, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain*
September - Luigi's Mansion
Oct/Nov/Dec - Animal Crossing*,  Town*, Pokemon, Zelda

I put * next to the games that might get pushed back.  Town is the most likely, while Pokemon will definitely come out this year.  Gamefreak will take people off of Town to release Pokemon on time.  Pokemon is still the most important release Nintendo will have this year.  Astral Chain is the next most likely.  This game has come out of nowhere and Platinum games is also working on Bayonetta 3.  It might get pushed back.  Finally, I think there is a greater than 50% chance that Animal Crossing will come out this year, but it has a chance of getting pushed back.  They are going to make sure this game comes out complete and flawless, and they can get away with pushing it back since they already have such a strong 2nd half.  Still, I think AC will most likely come out this year anyway.

Spring is looking a bit bare while Summer/Fall is looking almost stacked to the point where I expect some delays to avoid certain games getting lost in the shuffle.

If Fire Emblem & Daemon X Machina were Spring than it would basically fix everything.

Jan-New Super Mario Deluxe
March-Yoshi's Crafted World
April-Daemon X Machina
May-Fire Emblem: Three Houses
June-Super Mario Maker 2
July-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
August-Astral Chain
September-Animal Crossing
Octover-Luigi's Mansion 3
November-Pokemon Gen 8
December-Zelda: Link's Awakening

That would be such a well paced year but sadly FE & DxM are Summer instead of Spring.

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second half is stacked, one of these 3 will get delayed

-Animal Crossing
-Luigi's Mansion

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I voted for Town. Either Pokemon or that will launch this year, and the other one next year. I don't think they will wait to launch Pokemon, especially if they are using assets/engine from Let's Go. However, if they feel Animal Crossing is going to be megaton then they could possibly wait, unless AC launches earlier in the year by a few months. Overall, I think Town will be the most likely pushed back.

But yes, I agree this year is almost too stacked, especially considering the Switch keeps getting more and more indie gems as well as the 10,000,000 Final Fantasy games that will be launching on it this year. I think, after this 2019 year is said and done, my backlog will be far larger than it is currently, despite my best efforts to play and beat games.