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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rate Nintendo's First Direct of 2019!


Rate Nintendo Direct 02/13/2019 out of 10

10 22 12.02%
9 57 31.15%
8 43 23.50%
7 24 13.11%
6 14 7.65%
5 7 3.83%
4 4 2.19%
3 3 1.64%
2 5 2.73%
1 4 2.19%

9/10 Good mix of new announcements and updates with plenty of both, with some of them being pretty major and impressive. 2019 is officially a great year for Switch.

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- Final Fantasy IX released now!
- Final Fantasy VII release date soon
- Zelda Link's Awakening remake!!!

4/10. bad direct, the last one was way better
As someone who doesnt care about japanese character action or jrpg that direct really didnt have much for me. No Luigi's Mansion, Starfox Grand Prix, Animal Crossing, or even DLC for Super Mario Party.

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The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

4/10. Very eh. It confirmed that there's nothing of interest to me for the first half of the year until Fire Emblem launches.

Even FE was very precarious, the battles were still there, but I'm not sure about the story and the training people in a school type shit. It implies that there'll be a big conflict between the three, do hopefully that materialises to make it feel more like a normal Fire Emblem.

Dragon Quest XI looks fucking incredible, definitely shaping up to be one of the best releases ever. I loved the 3DS version and this looks even better.

Platinums new game looks cool too, gives me hope for Bayonetta 3 later this year.

But yeah, nothing I care about for the first half of the year, everything else was decidedly boring to me and no mention of Pikmin or Animal Crossing, and no new Smash reveal leave me very bored. Below average imo

xMetroid said:
Animal crossing is trending WW for NOT being in the direct, this franchise is so damn powerful now.
Like i think this is the main reason why people aren't satisfied w the direct. Cause it was not bad at all. You add AC and it was damn great.

Its obviously not read to be shown yet and perhaps they dont want everyhing to get overshadow by AC

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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At this point, whenever Nintendo decides to show off Animal Crossing, it would probably be best to just give it its own Direct instead of having it headline a general one.

Gotta give Nintendo some props it was a great Direct. 8/10


Also lol at those who were hoping for Star Fox GP like what? We haven't gotten a F Zero game since ever and you're expecting a SF racing game? 

Initial impression is 10/10 I think.  There was just so much stuff I was interested in.  I'm not really sure what I'm going to play, lol.  There is a lot there, especially for an old-schooler like me, they bookended the Direct with 2D Mario and 2D Zelda with lots of old school appeal in between.  I don't think you can get better than that.  Let me break it down:

Mario Maker 2 - A must get.  The first MM was my favorite Wii U game.  I love 2D Mario, and I thought Mario Maker was better than NSMBU.   
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - A decent game, but it's overshadowed by everything else.
Box Boy - not for me
Smash DLC - Yeah, we are getting all the Smash DLC in our house.  We play Smash a lot.
Captain Toad DLC - not for me
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - This looks badass.  More old school goodness.  If it comes out in physical form, then it is a must get.  If digital, I might cave and get it anyway.
DQ Builders 2 - Hell yes!  The first DQ Builders is already one of my favorite Switch games and this looks a lot better.  Although it was overshadowed by
Dragon Quest 11S - Double hell yes!  A game for old schoolers and new gamers alike.  This looks so frikken awesome.

Disney WTF game - doubt it, but who knows.  Sometimes these party games can be fun.
Starlink DLC - This is the type of game I would get on the Wii U when there is little content.  Doubt I will get any of this though, because of all of the other content.
Rune Factory 4/5 - Not for me, but my daughter was really wanting this.  Possibly her favorite reveal.
Oninaki - not sure what to make of this yet.
Yoshi - See Starlink DLC above.  Same story.

Fire Emblem - Looks really cool.  Hope I can find time to play this.  I miss playing Fire Emblem on a home console.  This looks like a huge graphical upgrade from the Gamecube/Wii games.  (narrator sounded bored though, lol)
Tetris 99 - More old school goodness.  I look forward to getting my ass kicked by 99 strangers.
Dead by Daylight - Another game that looks decent but I will probably skip because of all of the other great games.
Delta Rune - I loved Undertale, and I prefer to play this on a Switch over the PC.  Another great announcement.
Daemon X Machina - Looks good so far.  Probably will get.
Grid Autosport- I like that this has motion controls.  Will likely get at some point.
Hellblade - Looks very interesting.  Probably will get at some point, but it will have to wait til I get some of these other games first.
Mortal Kombat 11 -nope.
Unravel 2 - nope.
AC3 - A good game, but I've already played it.  So nope.
Final Fantasy VII/iX - Two of my favorite games of all time.  I want physical copies of these though.
Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon - I like this style of game.  Gotta make sure this isn't the one I've already played.  If so then I want it.

Astral Chain - This looks cool AF.  If it is two player co-op, then I will definitely get it.
Link's Awakening - Hell yes!  Was #1 on my list of retro games I have yet to play.  Now I can just play it on Switch.  Probably my top game.

So to conclude

Must Buys (6 games)
Mario Maker 2, Smash DLC, DQ Builders 2, DQ 11S, Link's Awakening and Delta Rune (when it comes out)

Likely Buys (12 games)
Bloodstained (must buy if physical), Fire Emblem, Tetris 99, Daemon X Machina, Grid Autosport,  Hellblade, FF VII/IX (if physical), Chocobo Dungeon, Astral Chain, Rune Factory 4/5 

Might Buy (if I somehow make it through the other stuff, 6 games)
Marvel UA3, Disney WTF game, Starlink + all DLC, Yoshi, Oninaki, Dead by Daylight

That is a lot of great content right there.  Maybe this Direct was tailor made for me?  Not sure how it could have been better.

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Minus VIII :(

Seriously, not that much for me. I've played DQ11 on PS4, I already have FFVII and IX and while I would rebuy, I think they'll charge a premium and I don't like the PS4 versions that I assume are untouched for Switch. I don't care much about Mario Maker but it might be the highlight for me. Already knew about Yoshi. Tetris Royale doesn't interest me. No interest in Fire Emblem. Why did they even mention Smash for a second? That game by Platinum didn't impress me either.

I love Link's Awakening. It's my favourite 2D Zelda, so maybe I'll enjoy the remake? It didn't get me excited though, I already have the original on GB and 3DS. I'd just as soon welcome the DX version on Switch too, but I'm not feeling that remake at the moment.

I suppose it's nice to have a launch window for Bloodstained, I backed the game but for PS4 and at least I have an idea when to expect it.

Oh I just remembered Box Boy, that is the highlight for me. I actually really liked the three on 3DS. If I ever buy Captain Toad on Switch I guess the updates and DLC might be something to look into.

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A handful of things I LOVED (Mario Maker, Zelda, Final Fantasy), and a handful of things I liked plus a whole lot of stuff coming to the system from PS4/XB1. It was a pretty damn good direct and I'm excited for the future! I was a LITTLE disappointed we didn't see Joker gameplay or Metroid Prime Trilogy announcement, but I was still quite happy with the volume, variety, and content of the direct even if about half of it held none of my interest!

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