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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rate Nintendo's First Direct of 2019!


Rate Nintendo Direct 02/13/2019 out of 10

10 22 12.02%
9 57 31.15%
8 43 23.50%
7 24 13.11%
6 14 7.65%
5 7 3.83%
4 4 2.19%
3 3 1.64%
2 5 2.73%
1 4 2.19%

I'm still absorbing it.

Gonna split announcements up


Section 1

Mario Maker 2 - loved it, looks way better than the old game. #5 announcement over all.
Marvel game - Don't care
Box Boy Girl - Don't care
Smash Bros stuff - Don't care
Treasure Tracker new content - Interesting...
Bloodstained - looks really cool.
Dragon Quest Builders - This looks like a massive improvement over the first game. I have my eye on it. #4 announcement overall.
Dragon Quest 11 S - Now THIS, with the 2D mode, and the much more lush and vibrant look than the old version looks REALLY good. It might be that the old PS4 trailers were boring, but this looks significantly improved. This is my #2 announcement.
Disney junk - Don't care
Star Fox Atlas - Don't care
Rune Factory 4 - Now we're Talking - #3 announcement
Rune Factory 5 - WOOOOOOOOOO! My announcement of the show! Hopefully in the full 3D Frontier style with less creepily childish looking characters than 4.
Oninaki - not sure what to think on this one yet.
Yoshi - I am already sold on this game, and they have shown better content before.
Yoshi Demo today - GOOD! Looking forward to it. #6 announcement overall.

Section 2

Fire Emblem update - Looks really cool, but the news didn't get me any more hyped. I am already sold on this game. Maybe a later "treehouse" event. #7 overall.
Tetris 99 Free today - Woo! Gonna try this one, I'll probably get my ass kicked. #8 announcement
Dead By Daylight - Not sure what to think, at first it looked like Resident Evil Junior, but it began to look cool with the resource stuff.
Undertale Expansion - cool
Deus Ex Machina - Don't care, maybe the demo will change my mind, but I am not really interested in action games.
Real Car Racer - could be cool, I am not really a fan of these.
Hellblade - Could be cool, I need to know more.
Unravel Two - this game looks REALLY cool, but it's EA so they'll probably fuck it up somehow. #9.
Assassin's Creed 3: remake - Awesome! I'll be looking into getting this one #10

Section 3

Final Fantasy 7 end of March - They put the WRONG Final Fantasy game up. I want FF7 today not those generic FF Junior games. This pissed me off a little.
Some strange Platinum game - Don't care
News on Bayoneta 3 - Don't care
Big new announcement: Zelda Link's Awakening Remake #3 - Don't care, this game was already fine as it was, I don't want fancier graphics as an excuse to shell out more money.

Overall, the Direct began strong, and peaked with Rune Factory and Dragon Quest stuff - this section is 10/10 for me.
There was some interesting stuff in the middle - this section is 8/10
I found the ending extremely anti-climactic. It's good to have a date for FF7, but it pisses me off that they pushed it back behind other FF games I don't give a crap about. That's the only positive about this for me. Lots of stuff I'd have rather seen instead of this stuff: Animal Crossing, Pokemon, or SNES service could have saved the third act. I feel generous giving the third act a 2/10

So 20/30 or 7/10 rounded up.

And honestly, I felt like giving it a 6 after that crap ending.

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Final Fantasy IX is downloading on my Switch home menu as I type this.

i give it a 6 / 10

there were some nice announcements like Super Mario Maker 2, Astral Chains, and Link's Awakening which I am very excited for, but the bad outweighed the good this time. a lot of what we saw were release dates for games we knew were coming soon and then just minor announcements to fill the gaps. we didnt need a whole segment dedicated to DQ XI, the new Fire Emblem game doesnt look like something fans will enjoy and feature another lame blue-haired sword-wielder, and all we got for Smash Bros was the announcement of an update and a future video discussing it. that one disney game looked stupid. a lot of it was just forgettable. i am VERY excited for Tetris 99 though. i am a huge Tetris fan and a battle royale mode is very enticing to me. plus its free for NSO, which is perfect.

so yeah, not bad but not good. it could have been a lot better. and there was no showstopper to really get me hyped. 6 / 10

9, could have used some more big third party titles.


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+ Rune Factory 5 announcement
+ Links Awakening
+ Platinum Game
+ Tetris 99 lol

- The release dates (march - june looks a bit stale but that's not too bad for my backlog)
- Rune Factory 4 (quite unnecessary)
- No Kingdom Hearts :(

I really like that every major game slowly does provide a demo!

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Animal crossing is trending WW for NOT being in the direct, this franchise is so damn powerful now.
Like i think this is the main reason why people aren't satisfied w the direct. Cause it was not bad at all. You add AC and it was damn great.

Damn, I just realized that Fire Emblem and Dragon Quest are releasing within 4 days of each other. The 26th and 29th of July.
(Sigh) Sorry, Dragon Quest, but you're gonna have to wait a little longer.

9/10, load of content that bolsters up 2019 line up and that was even with out showing B3, Gen 8, AC and Town mind you.


8.5 from me, great Direct but I expected Metroid Prime Trilogy HD or at least Pikmin 3 port.