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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Worst decision you can/did make in a game?

Like alot of others on here I've had problems in RPGs where I saved the game when I shouldn't have had, or didn't created any backup saves.  Super Mario RPG was my first ever in the genre back in the day, and for my first playthrough I only used one save slot, same as pretty much any other game with save capabilities that I had ever played up to that point (Super Mario World, ALTTP, etc).

Later on in the game I almost screwed myself over a few times by saving either right before a boss battle or in an area where you couldn't really back track to stock up.  I got my ass kicked by that stupid wedding cake in Marrymore so many times before I was finally able to beat it.

I think the worst decision I ever made was ruining my buddy's Super Metroid save file by accident.  Back in the day I had Game Genie for the SNES, and I brought it over his house one time to try it on some of his games.  He was pretty far into the game already, and we wanted to try some of the codes out that allowed you to unlock stuff like the Hyperbeam right away.  Well, I should have read the code manual a bit closer because apparently it warned users that certain SNES games like Metroid had a built in cheat device detector that if triggered would automatically erase any save files on the cartridge.  There was a "master code" you were supposed to input in order to avoid having your saves wiped, but we skipped that part and lo and behold once we started up the game we got a warning screen, and all of his progress went right down the drain.

Needless to say, he was PISSED!  But hey, at least he got to replay the game with the Hyperbeam from the get go lol.

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You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

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Near the end of Corpse Party, I decided to take a Yuka to the bathroom after the whole game complaining about how she was peeing herself. This seemingly innocent action somehow resulted in the death of another girl (love interest of Yuka's Brother) and later, Yuka was murered too. But that wasn't the worst part. After Yuka's brother Satoshi came back home wondering how he would tell his parents about Yuka's death, he realized that due to her dying in a cursed place, everyone who wasn't on that place completely forgot about Yuka's existance. Including their parents. THAT was fucked up xD

Spindel said:
Not having multiple saves in some older adventure games whitch meant that in some cases the game is unbeatable because of a decision you made a couple of hours earlier (and you are not alerted that you can’t beat the game until you reach a certain point further into the game).

The ability to make a decision that renders the game unbeatable in combination with moon logic makes multiple save files a must.

I'd say that this problem makes good game design a must.  That's not on gamers, it's on devs.

The Fury said:
Nogamez said:
Bought Destiny 2 for 69.99 euros.....

Ouch, the pain.

Well, that game is pretty damn good right now.  But, you can buy it now, with much more content, for a fair bit less than that.

CaptainExplosion said:

A few in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

-Tried to use Bomb Arrows in the Eldin Province (the volcanic area where you find Goron City), they kept blowing up in my face.

-I had my wooden gear equipped when I first went to Eldin Province, not knowing that the intense heat would light them on fire.

-Went to fight a Molduga in Gerudo Desert, thought I could get a good shot at him on the ground, but then he swam up and nailed me.

-If you see a Lynel, unless you have a lot of food and powerful weapons with you, take my word for it and run away.

-For the love of the Goddess Hylia, don't be wearing metallic gear when the game warns you of thunderstorms, or you'll end up fried pretty fast.

I think everyone made those wood gear in fire area and metal gear in thunderstorm mistakes.  I certainly made them both many, many times.  I'm not sure that I ever actually learned my lesson, to be honest.

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Delete my younger brother's Final Fantasy 8 save file. He was on disk 3.


I remember doing something wrong and the way I had my saves set up I was a vampire by mistake. Didn't want to restart from 10h earlier save so I struggled as vampire staying in the dark took me a massive quest line to get a cure

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Letting Lee die at the end of TWD S1..... oh wait, that happens no matter what choices you make in the game. FeelsBadMan

Xxain said:

Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

The very first moral choice you get to make is wether to kill a sick family that isn't recovering. They looked fine and they said they were getting better, so I killed their would be killers and they were free. Turns out they were sick with the Plague of Athens. Now the intro Island is covered in a eerily thick fog with dead bodies littering the towns and villages. Perpetual rain as well. I could have stopped the Plague of Athens from spreading, now it will effect the rest of the games regions by end game.

This. I didn't expect it to have much of an actual effect, let alone one that lasts through the entire game. It had better not be the only choice like that in the game because now I'm expecting others and haven't found any so far (although I'm not very far into the game yet, so there's probably still tons of time).

I dunno if this counts but, buying a season pass before playing the game. I'm looking at you Dynasty Warriors 9.