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Forums - Gaming Discussion - HDR is mind blowing (RDR2 updated to proper HDR)


Which would you prefer if pushed.

HDR. 23 58.97%
Ray tracing. 8 20.51%
Neither/other in comments. 8 20.51%
Nogamez said:

So i have a 55 inch samsung MU6279  apperently it has Numerous image enhancement systems such as UHD Dimming, Wide Color Enhancer, PurColor and 1400Hz PQI and comes equipped with a current 8-bit VA panel and Edge LED backlight.  Overall, the Samsung UE55ME6279 impresses with its above-average image quality.  That is some parts of a review i copied and pasted means nothing to maybe you guys can shed some light on it and maybe help me out to how i shoild have the tv set up ( contast,sharpness etc)

Heres the link

If you want the benefits of wide color you need a 10 bit panel. Edge lit is also not as good as local dimming.

Here are the specs for that tv
(6279 is the German version)

The important things for a good HDR tv
Panel bit depth: 8 bits. 10 bits is much better, 4K HDR is a 10 bit signal, wide color is 10 bit.
DCI P3: 90% coverage. That is not bad, yet the standard for 4K HDR is 96% or higher.
Brightness 350 cd/m2, better known as nits. 350 nits is low for HDR, 1000 is more like it.
Static contrast: 5300:1 That is not bad without local dimming.
Input lag: 20ms, good enough.

I'm sure this tv looks amazing next to an older 1080p tv, but don't expect too much from HDR and wide color.

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I am more interested in HDR than 4K.


I hope my plasma keeps going on, until oleds became more afordable. Lcd are terrible.

I got my PS4 Slim and almost all games were in HDR so I don't know how PS4 games looks without HDR, but I do know that HDR is a huge improvement over SDR games. It's like a brand new experience, Uncharted 4, Spider-man, God Of War and WipEout looked gorgeous on HDR, the most impressive games I had to play yet.

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Libi said:
I hope my plasma keeps going on, until oleds became more afordable. Lcd are terrible.

My modern LCD (Sony X900E) blows my old Plasma out of the water. The plasma is a bit faded now and the blacks have suffered over the years. It's the bedroom tv, aka night light, it's on every evening for hours until the timer shuts it off at 1 am. Everything is simply better on the 4K LCD. Actually my old CRT still looks better than the Plasma tv. CRT has magic colors. It must be that radiation :)

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I'm honestly more interested in Raytracing, though the first generation of GPU's are obviously a bust, so I'll be waiting for a good 1440p OLED 144hz monitor, and a second or third gen GPU that does RT well (at least a lot better than what the current gen of GPU's are doing). I've lived without HDR so far, as for 4k as well. If I want more colour and sharpness in my life I can currently down-sample with my current 1440p monitor, as well as accessing Reshade and various Sweetfx custom profiles to give me the colour/vibrancy/sharpness I need.

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Conina said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Yeah, but for the longest time a good 4K monitor at 32 inches would cost something like $700, (while a good 4K TV at 55 inches could be had for $300)

I fixed that for you.

I have an LG UK6090PUA. What exactly is wrong with it? Last I checked it runs at 60 hertz, and has a response time of 11 milliseconds. 

CGI-Quality said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Yeah, but for the longest time a good 4K monitor at 32 inches would cost something like $700, (while a good 4K TV at 55 inches could be had for $300) it was only recently that a good 4K 32 inch monitor was priced at $300 to $400. So I imagine those 32 inch OLED monitors with good response time, and hertz will take forever to come down in price. 

But yeah, those will blow everything away. They'll make 1080p look like 480 or less. 

Anything OLED will take a long time to down in price. ;P

For me, that's why an IPS/HDR monitor (4 or 8K) makes for such a comparable alternative. Only an OLED display can top it.

We are on the cursp of next-gen PC monitorsy...

That is, Micro-LED displays, with no bezels, HDR, 120hz... I am content with my 1440P, IPS panel until they become more common.

I think we might see OLED pull a plasma... That is, gain traction and then have Micro-LED's storm past.

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For now I'm waiting, but my next monitor will probably have HDR. 4k not necessary, I have room for up to 26" or 27", so a 16:9 1440p will be the best choice, also because I don't like aspect ratios too large and short, except for cinema and possibly very large TVs.

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Yes HDR is great. Had me impressed when turned on. And when it is faked like in RDR2 it is a bummer.

Not aware of any non-4k tv having it in Brazil though.

And best part? It isn't processing heavy so no impact on the game performance.

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