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Forums - Sony Discussion - Amazon drops the price of the PS1 Classic...Are you MOVED to buy one?

So according to an article here on VGC, Amazon has reduced the price of the Playstation Classic by $30.  So what do you think? Is now the time to get one?  If not, is there a price you would be willing to pay for this bit of 90s nostalgia?

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I can get my PS1 fix anytime on my Vita screen with my favorite PS1 games, so I'll pass.

I doubt the price was the real problem in the first place. However, the product is.

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Hell no i have CTR and xenogears and a few more ps1 disc games im all set lol

I don't think there's a single worthwhile game on there that I can't get on a platform I already have, and in most cases already own on that platform too. So no, even if they were to drop the price a whole lot more I still wouldn't be interested.

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idk why I feel like there was some kind of collectionist or nostalgia feeling with nes and snes that lacks here... maybe its because many good psx games as it has been said are in other platforms or they didnt age very well... anyway, I dont think I would buy it even if it was half price. im hoping for a nice ps2 mini with good games tho

if it hits $20, ill buy it as a collection item

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I already own every playstation console. I've never once been interested in this mini-console. It makes no sense that it can't connect to PSN and download PS1 games, as I already own at least 50 of them anyway. I can already play ps1 games on every PS console that I have except my ps4s. Weak hardware + PAL versions means I don't care how much it costs.

One big difference between the PS1 classic and the NES/SNES classics is that there is actually a lot of pent up demand for these old school 2D games.  The game industry rarely puts a serious effort into these types of games anymore and when they do, they often get a lot of unexpected success like they did this year with Octopath Traveler.  There is an underserved market of people out there that want 2D games to be flagship games again instead of just letting indies make these games and then it's digital only versions. 

PS1/N64 era was the beginning of 3D gaming.  Those types of games are really common now, and often a lot better than their PS1 counterparts (e.g. Tomb Raider).  There isn't really pent up demand for these types of games right now.

They can slash 90% off and I wouldn't get it.
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