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Forums - Sony Discussion - Amazon drops the price of the PS1 Classic...Are you MOVED to buy one?

If it hits like $40 or lower maybe I bite. Otherwise not a chance.

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The problem was never the price, but the selection of games. I got a PS2 that can play all those games, not like I would want to. If they had much better selection of games then it would be a better buy for convenience.

$50 and I'm in

Every time I consider buying one I look at my dualshock controllers and ps2 then decide against it

I am tempted for a collector but not yet. I really wish they added games like Dino Crisis etc. Oh well.

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Nope. They didn't put enough good games on it, for me to spend more than like $30 on one.

No, but not because of the problems with it. I bought the SNES classic, which was done well, and it's just clutter in my home, so. I think I'm done with micro consoles. I'd rather have retro games on consoles that I actually already use.

Want super nes mini more.

A lower price doesn't make the product better, so no thanks.

No its a piece of trash
Will repair My own psone