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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can we hit 200m?

Now that PS4 is passing PS3 (and soon Wii, I believe), when I think about the 100m mark of a console total sales, it seems to me that it is the magical number.

Wii and handheld consoles got there, PS2 went even further hitting 150m.

However, hitting 100m is very hard for a home console. When PS4 hits it, it'll be part of a group of only 4 consoles.

For many, seeing a home console hit 150m again is quite impossible.

But what about 200m? I know that hitting that number could be meaningless. One of the reasons console hardly hit 100m is the fact that the industry and the players have to move on, a new console has to come out. But, would it be possible in a near future to have a worldwide number of console buyers so vast so that a console maker could achieve 200m consoles sold in one single generation?

I'd say that console buyers have been quite stable for the last 10 years. Can the industry make this number grow substantially in the next decade?

What do you think?

God bless You.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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Not any time soon.

Not even 150 million.

Edit: I mean this just for PS4.

In general. Not any time soon.


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User´s, yes, consoles, nope.

Oh its easy.

All sony has to do is price the PS5 at $199 n launch day.

Even better, have a sku of the console without a disc drive fr $99 and some sort of way of charging you $10 extra for say the first 15 games you buy t "pay for the console".

With that I can promise 200M. And probably also sony going bankrupt.

Maybe a handheld.....

Home consoles serve multiple people. A handheld can sell one for every person in the family.

Portables have much higher likelyhood of ever reaching 200 million than a home console would. So, if you're asking whether the PS4 will do that, the answer is probably no..

The PS4 ? No. The home console market isn't that big, and even with a hardware revision (which basically sells a new console under the same name), it won't. Unless the PS5 is actually another PS4 Pro ++.

But a handheld sold to 99$ ? Definitly

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Yes, if consoles get popular in China.