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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can we hit 200m?

Shadow1980 said:
Maybe if we see mass adoption in other regions. Otherwise, it appears that the home console market has about reached its saturation point. Conventional consoles, as represented by PlayStation & Xbox, may no longer be a growing market in NA & Europe (it may grow slightly as a function of population), and is a greatly diminished market in Japan. The reason the PS2 sold what it did was because it completely dominated all three major markets, but even then it "only" sold 155M. The market as is currently is cannot produce 200M units of sales for a conventional console. And while most of the variability these past four generations has been on Nintendo's end, I don't see Nintendo making a home console that could sell 200M.

Me either. Although handhelds like NSW and 3DS as the get cheap has a lot of potential to sell more than one per family, I still believe that the ship has gone since smartphones mass adoption. 2DS is out there and it's not changing things for 3DS family.

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Sure, thi9s gets possible if in China and India consoles become usual.

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