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kirby007 said:
colafitte said:
It's still The last of us for me...., no game has impacted the same since then. TLOU raised the bar so much in the kind of game i like that is incredible that even in a new gen, no game has surpassed it yet.

Was it the last game you played?

Well, RDR 2 is the last one...., The Evil within was the one before that (it was on a deal on Halloween and i loved it by the way). I played a lot of games man in the last 8 years....I just did not have played enough on Switch though because i don't have it, just played twice with a friend, so i won't put any WiiU or Switch game here, and i don't care for Xbox Excusives. I always was a PC gamer first until PS3 launched, but no PC game interests me now like in the 90's o early 00's.

But my top 10 ps4 this gen could be something like this

1. GOD OF WAR (2018)










TLOU on PS3 is just still ahead of anyone on that list. Newer games are factually "better", but the impact TLOU had in 2013 has never been surpassed by anyone

Thanks to emulators I discovered too (after TLOU) games from N64, GC and Wii. So Ocarina of Time and SM64 inmediately became one of my favorite games ever, and i liked a lot too SM Galaxy, Metroid Prime, SMS Melee, Zelda WW and Zelda TP. Just good stuff. I was already a fan of Pokemon gen 1, Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid on SNES though.

But my favorite kind of game is a cinematic story with great production values and that's thanks to FF VII, MGS and RE 2 back then 20 years ago. Then Naughty Dog raised the bar in the PS3 gen and became my favorite developper, and they're still are. TLOU Part II is my most anticipated game, followed by RE 2 Remake.

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MasonADC said:
Breath of the Wild and Persona 5

Same here.  Xenoblade 2 and God of War are up there too, but Zelda and P5 are tied for number one in my book.

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BotW and Xenoblade 1

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How are you really suppose to chose 1 lmao.
Breath of the Wild
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Mario maker (This was like a child good dream come true)
The last of us
Uncharted 3
Pokémon Heart Gold (Pinacle of Pokemon lol)

What I expect to be on this list next year is Resident evil 2 Remake

Cannot pick only one

Dark Souls
God of War
Red dead redemption
The Witcher 3
Heavy rain
Zelda :a link between worlds

Many more i am forgetting atm and plenty indies.

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I would say Demons Souls but that was 2009 so Bloodborne.

I thought it would be hard to figure out, but then I realized I already have a top 10 list, so I can choose the games from 2010-2018 there.

Looks like my Game of Decade is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, followed by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and then 1. Hard to believe the first two were just released last year...2017 really was a great gaming year.

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00's : Diablo 2 LoD
10's : Zelda Breath of the Wild

Honorable mention to :

Kid Icarus Uprising
Wind Waker HD

It was easily The Last of Us up until this year, but God of War really made it hard to choose.
I'm still siding with The Last of Us for now, though.

So far.. Zelda BOTW. Game blew my mind.

Halo Reach was my previous favourite.