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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony doesn't need more 1st party studios


Does Sony have way too many Exclusives and multiplats not on Xbox?

Yes 11 24.44%
No 30 66.67%
IDK? 4 8.89%

You can never have too many.... unless you cant finance them, or it starts cutting into the budgets you can give them.

Yes PS4 has tons of games you cant play on a xbox, and thats a huge advantage for them.
its why its selling so well, people dont want to miss out.

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Agree OP, they dont need more studios. They should just focus on expanding their studios (which they are), and building more relationships with third parties. They are well set for next gen.

twintail said:
They established 2 new studios this gen. Of course they don't need to buy more.

Although at the same time, they've closed two studios this gen, too.

And the closed studios were bigger than the ones that were opened,  which were an indie tier studio and a VR studio.

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dx11332sega said:

I Say this because Microsoft dont get games that Sony gets like the many anime fighting games and street fighter 5 and the enourmous amount of Exclusive PSN games . I t doesn't matter if Microsoft has 16 first parties Sony has more japanese support than Microsoft while American devs do both . And the many PSvita japanese devs going to PS4/PS5 while those PSvita devs and others ignore microsoft . Unless Phil Spencer convinces those Japanese devs so far :(

All of those PSVita devs are more likely to make games for Switch or both Switch and PS4.  Given the portable nature of the Switch and how the Japanese market is, the PS4/5 will never get the same support the VITA did while another portable option is available.  Sooner rather than later, 3rd party Japanese support will hit both systems at best, outside of the most visually demanding games (which also go to XBox).

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flashfire926 said:
twintail said:
They established 2 new studios this gen. Of course they don't need to buy more.

Although at the same time, they've closed two studios this gen, too.

And the closed studios were bigger than the ones that were opened,  which were an indie tier studio and a VR studio.

Oh yeah forgot about Pixelopus. So 3 studios though we dont know what the 3rd team entail as of right now.

This is true , but as long as the new studios are more efficient (in terms of workflow and cost) it is probably for the best.

If the new San Diego studio is really working on something Uncharted like, then they have a potential new big studio right there. Manchester definitely needs to show off something though... I suppose they are being held back for PS5 which is too bad but oh well

No. Sony doesn't need more Studios. Just like you don't need to play video games.

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Doesn't hurt to have more if they can afford to maintain them.
I do think its rather odd you say they have too much support when this year they only showcased 4 major AAA games at E3 2018 and basically dropped out of E3 2019 due to nothing new to show.. or so the rumours say.
Also keep in mind the gaming industry isnt all for Japanese games. Not everyone (like myself) are into anime styled games. I see alot of that on Steam and i ignore them, just my personal preference.
Also games like SFV was a sellout to Sony but keep inmind Xbox has there very own inhouse fighting game. SFV was basically Sonys anwser to Killer Instinct due to a lack of a inhouse fighting game from themselves.
Should Sony buy out more studios? I say yes because of VR and the lack of games they showed this year. Games are taking longer to make, 3 to 4 years is becoming quite common so having some AA games doesnt hurt to fill the gaps.
Next gen if Xbox and Switch eat up alot of the 3rd party support PS is relying on than thats where they need games on a regular to keep there audience interested. I say the same thing with Steam because Valve rarely makes games and other Digital stores are starting to offer the same amount of support to compete.

John2290 said:
An exclusive, top tier franchise every 3 months is about the limit unless they want to hurt third party sales more than they'd help themselves, in fact 3 months might be to small a gap, in an ideal world though, well there is always room for more and I'd love to see one once a month. I just hope they don't fall down the path of Nintendo where only their first party games sell big and I think they are starting to fear this route themselves while the rest of the triple A industry continue to blow at their wobbly house of cards.

4 games a year from Sony would be a very good amount, but even 2 is good.

The point is I don't think that would harm the 3rd parties as Sony games are very either very diverse so each sell to different audiences or most of their games selling to the same people is bought just by a small (less than 20%) of the platform owners, and selling much less than the top 3rd parties.

Until they get to a point similar to Nintendo, where they alone sell more SW than all other companies together I don't think it would be a big problem.

Would be good to see how much marketshare Sony themselves hold within PS4.

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Would not hurt to have even more good studios .

Sony are expanding SSM + GG, have expanded Sucker Punch earlier in the gen, created a new studio in San Diego, while smaller teams like Pixel Opus & Sony Bend are growing as a team + developers. Studios like Sony Japan and Naughty Dog work on multiple projects at a time (even if its pre - production in ND's case). Not to mention, Sony has created a bunch of heavy hitters this gen (GOW, UC, Horizon, TLOU2) that can move hardware next gen. Considering the studios they closed down/ reduced at the start of the gen, growth of their in house talent, PS3 games (GT6, Puppeteer, GOW: Acension, TLOU) that could have been PS4 launch titles, and the current pipeline, their out - put on the PS4 has been amazing. PS5 is going to be 10x better.

With that said, I do expect Sony to purchase a few developers in the next couple of years, especially since they are gearing up for PSVR on PS5.

As a gamer that does not own any Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft stock, I have no interest in exclusive games. They don't benefit gamers in any way. So, I'd prefer that all games be multi-platform. In that sense, I hope that the hardware guys stop buying developers (unless they're going to handle all games like MS has handled Minecraft, and put it on every possible system).