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John2290 said:
An exclusive, top tier franchise every 3 months is about the limit unless they want to hurt third party sales more than they'd help themselves, in fact 3 months might be to small a gap, in an ideal world though, well there is always room for more and I'd love to see one once a month. I just hope they don't fall down the path of Nintendo where only their first party games sell big and I think they are starting to fear this route themselves while the rest of the triple A industry continue to blow at their wobbly house of cards.

4 games a year from Sony would be a very good amount, but even 2 is good.

The point is I don't think that would harm the 3rd parties as Sony games are very either very diverse so each sell to different audiences or most of their games selling to the same people is bought just by a small (less than 20%) of the platform owners, and selling much less than the top 3rd parties.

Until they get to a point similar to Nintendo, where they alone sell more SW than all other companies together I don't think it would be a big problem.

Would be good to see how much marketshare Sony themselves hold within PS4.

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