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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch?


Will you get Nintendo Switch version?

Yes 21 28.00%
No 33 44.00%
Maybe? 21 28.00%

I might not even touch the game on any platform thanks to that stupid trailer.

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Maybe, I'll wait and see how it runs. If it's like db fighterz I'll definitely go for the switch version.

Not a huge fan of this type of fighting game, but I do somewhat enjoy them... so like FighterZ, I will buy it eventually to show my support as I highly appreciate the fact it is being put on the system. especially the same day as the other versions. I'll probably wait until it is $30.

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No, if I do get it; it will be on the most powerful console Xbox One X.

I don't like fighters where my controller is attached to my screen, cuz I move the controller too much. So, that takes the portability aspect away, which in turn takes away the only reason I'd consider buying a multiplat on Switch. If I buy it (which is unlikely), I'll buy it on PS4 or Xbone. I'd just have to decide which of those controllers I'd rather play it with. I don't think there is any genre where controller comfort is more important than fighters.

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No. They will put out a game with 18 fighters and then ask you to pay for a season pass for the other 12 fighters.

I don't know tbh. I like Smash Bros and Dragon Ball Fighterz, though.

If I do get it it'll be on Switch, but unless it has a significant single-player campaign I likely won't. I don't have enough time to play every game and next year will be eaten up by RPGs for me.

Last MK i played was the third one i believe. If i buy it, it will be on the switch .

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Depends on if we get a cool collectors edition for PS4 like we got with MKX, if not then ill double dip

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