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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch?


Will you get Nintendo Switch version?

Yes 21 28.00%
No 33 44.00%
Maybe? 21 28.00%

Not my cup of tea.

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Unlikely. I´m not a huge fan of the franchise. I may get it if I found it on sale, though

As for fighters on the Switch, I´m way more interested in My Hero One´s Justice, Dragon Ball Z and Smash.

No, but then again I'm not getting any version.

PS4 here. the best controls for me.


I'm in the maybe camp. I'll have to see if the game itself is any good. It's a new engine, I hear. I loved Mortal Kombat XL, though, so hopefully this one turns out at least as good.

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I don't remember this game being announced for switch. Console of choice for multi-plats is PC. 60FPS is a requirement for this game. Then, if no one is truly playing fighters on switch, why bother?.. Also, fighting game + wifi, is a huge no-no... Actually, I'm sure there's going to be tons of people on wifi, so I should probably stick with the PC version.

Maybe, I've haven't played Mortal Kombat since... I think it was the N64.

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PaulGaleNetwork said:

As soon as the information came out, I pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch version.  Unless the visual fidelity is drastically different, I will be satisfied with a “slightly less good looking” version of an “awesome looking game”.  Most affordable online, Nintendo Switch.  Easiest to set up two player play, NS.  Only portable way to play, too.  When there’ll be over 32 million Nintendo Switch owners out there by the time the game comes out and it coming hot off the heels of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (5 months later), the fighting communityi will be ready for it, so the competition should thrive more than past fighting games on the platform.  If there is some inclusion of Link, Bowser, or Ganondorf...I’ll loose my mind and be ridiculously happy that I bought the Nintendo Switch version.

If you have to pay for it then it's not the most affordable.

Definitely getting it on PS4. The most competition will be on that system versus the others I reckon. However, I may double dip for the Switch version.

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Every game with local multiplayer that I want I gonna take on switch.
Easy to take to my friends houses and play a lot. However I already have plenty of local multplayer games on switch to play, is hard to keeping up with so many games(im not rich). Lets see when I see more of the game.