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PaulGaleNetwork said:

As soon as the information came out, I pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch version.  Unless the visual fidelity is drastically different, I will be satisfied with a “slightly less good looking” version of an “awesome looking game”.  Most affordable online, Nintendo Switch.  Easiest to set up two player play, NS.  Only portable way to play, too.  When there’ll be over 32 million Nintendo Switch owners out there by the time the game comes out and it coming hot off the heels of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (5 months later), the fighting communityi will be ready for it, so the competition should thrive more than past fighting games on the platform.  If there is some inclusion of Link, Bowser, or Ganondorf...I’ll loose my mind and be ridiculously happy that I bought the Nintendo Switch version.

If you have to pay for it then it's not the most affordable.