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Forums - Sony Discussion - God Of War Wins Game of the Year at Game Awards

Only thing that sucks is that Smash didn't get representation. Is it qualified for next year?

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I literally went "YES!" when God of War won because there was so much amazing competition this year that I wasn't sure if it would get it. It's an amazing game and deserves all the success.

Best game this gen so far.
But let's see who takes the most awards, the GOTY war is still far from over!

Great for the team, it was really neck and neck with GoW and RDR2 for me, can't even remember why I never voted, really nice to know one of the two won.


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Poor Spidey:(

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Well that was a pleasant surprise. I expected RDR2 to clean house considering how the night was going. GOW deserves it in my mind as the better rounded of the two.

Well deserved. Amazing game and experience. Congrats.

Congrats to GoW, and a bit surprising. I expected RDR2 to take pretty much everything home.

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Yay congratulations!

Deserved, gameplay over narrative.RDR2 to me at least feels too sluggish/slow.