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Forums - Sony Discussion - God Of War Wins Game of the Year at Game Awards

Is that right ?  I thought RDR will win.

My prediction in 2023.

SW: 27m

PS5: 24m

XBS: 12m

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I'm not surprised. I also wouldn't have been surprised if Red Dead got it.
I think those two games are both very, very good games. But, neither would be GOTY worthy in most years.

Excellent! Well damn deserved. It was neck and neck with RDR2, but thankfully it got up and out. Congrats to Santa Monica Studios. Hard work pays off.

Ive only played a few hours of GoW. Its kinda boring to me, combat is average, puzzles are tedious. Good story telling but I dont think its a great GAME.

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Well deserved.RDR2 was a grest game but it was missing something.

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I'm still struggling to find a game able to please me as much as GoW did, everything I tried since then feels incomplete... Well deserved.

Kratos slays another god. Kudos.

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Congratulations to Santa Monica Studios, Cory and his team for this great win. Not only it was deserved, it was rightful.

Well, I am pleasently surprised.

I was expecting RDR2 to take home the crown. The VGA's deserve credit for not always picking the best selling game. They have a pretty good track record of picking what's best, over what is most popular. I think that is great, because to me the game awards should be awarding the best games, and helping put a spotlight on something the mass market should play, over what they have already bought on name alone.

God of War (2018) was easily my favorite TV and Gamepad expereince this year. It now sits between The Last Of Us and Horizon: Zero Dawn, as my 2nd favorite TV and Gamepad expereince to date.

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ResilientFighter said:
shikamaru317 said:
God of War was good, but RDR2 is better for sure. Still not as good as RDR1 though.

Well you are wrong and the award was given to the better game not the best selling or most popular on social media

God of War is officially game of the year at the most watched gaming award show in the world you can still have your personal opinion of course 

Being more popular, as you said, doesn't mean it's more valid.  It's just one of many "GOTY" awards that will be handed out.