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Forums - Sony Discussion - God Of War Wins Game of the Year at Game Awards

The reason GOW deserves GOTY is that If 3 years back somebody told me that the next RDR will be GOTY whenever released, I would have said yes obviously.. and if somebody told me next GOW will win GOTY I would have laughed at him. Thats how impressive GOW has been.

Also in my eyes this is redemption for 2013, with GTA5 rockstar snatched GOTY from The Last of US.

PS - I believe GOW war should have won best soundtrack award too

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Mr Puggsly said:
Ive only played a few hours of GoW. Its kinda boring to me, combat is average, puzzles are tedious. Good story telling but I dont think its a great GAME.

You just won "Salt of the year" award with that coment, bro. God job, well deserved, well desreved 😂😂😂


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GOTY = God of the Year

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Well, GOW is my GOTG but i don't care so much about this award, but congrats to SSM.

This award proves that RDR2 is literally, by definition, overrated. How a game that received 97 metacritic by the media just nearly 2 months ago doesn't win GOTY in a awards show given by the votes of the same media??? Yes, yes, i know that a review is just a writer and here are the democratic votes of each gaming site members, but it's still absurd.

I called RDR2 overrated like GTA IV was or Super Mario Odyssey was, and again, today, they proved me again that some games by some companies receive a free pass at reviews or that those reviews are more like disguised marketing than everything else, and this makes the gaming press media absolutely untrustworthy and useless....

VGC own review described far better my feelings about the game than 99% of the "superprofessional" and high budget gaming press....

Gratulation @The God of War
Absolutely deserved, even though games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Detroit Become Human, Spiderman and Dragon Quest Xi were awesome as well. There can only be one winner, the developers of God of War have my respect.

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People that selected RD2 over GOW to win goty most likely a R* fanboy and not really into games that much.

Mr Puggsly said:
Ive only played a few hours of GoW. Its kinda boring to me, combat is average, puzzles are tedious. Good story telling but I dont think its a great GAME.

You always are hating on playstation exclusives sinces you joined this site like a decade ago yet they still find ways to win GOTY or get nominated for it almost every year hmmm interesting, feel free to start an award show where millions worldwide tune in and vote then get important video game people to decide which games are the best each year so someone online calls your choices boring or not great... 

Wow GOW won GOTY?! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!! I've been a huge fan of this series since '05. To see it finally getting it's just due critically is phenomenal. RDR2 will still win GOTY in other people's eyes. Nothing wrong with that. The race between the 2 is a very close one indeed.

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Yeah, whatever, one of the best game of all time wins goty, how surprising

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I'm fine with this, but the one that was the most shockingly impactful on me was Celeste. That game is astounding and still gives me goosebumps because of how it addresses anxiety amongst othet things. Celeste was the GotY for me, persknally, but I get why gow won.