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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled announced for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

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Since they didnt announce it for PC - may come later but will put it on my PS4 wishlist.


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zorg1000 said:
Spyro will come to Switch, I have no doubt about that

Especially considering Nintendo UK literally had it listed on there website for a while.


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This was a nice announcement, and the game looks good. But I'm not interested in it personally because the characters don't seem interesting to me, which may be a weird problem to have with a racing game now that I think about it.... But then again, not really. In a regular racing game like Gran Turismo, the car design is important to me. In kart racers like this, the karts themselves are not particularly interesting to me, so it's much more about the character.

Of course, the most important thing is how the game plays. But if I'm going to play any Kart racer, I'd probably just stick to Mario Kart.

If Crash Racing ends up being successful, and they expand the roster with other popular characters from other games, then I'd be interested.
I was never a Crash fan, sadly. But for those who are, this looks like a good game.

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d21lewis said:

Double Dash says hello.

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derpysquirtle64 said:
Miyamotoo said:

I am pretty sure biggest reason why Spyro is not on Switch yet is huge size of game thats around 70GB, I mean game has huge additional download even with PS4/XB1 BD discs (something like 20GB), so imagine how huge additional download would be if they using 16GB Switch cart.

It is definitely not the reason why Spyro isn’t on switch yet. The game is around 48GB on XB1 and it only uses 200-300 MB from that disc. They should be fine with 16GB cart if only 200-300MB is used. On the other hand the problem here is that 50GB is really a lot for most of switch owners who don’t have a lot of storage on sd cards. So probably they are figuring out how to put some of game data on cartridge so it would require less storage on as card from additional download. I also hope that they fix frame pacing before releasing the game on switch because there definitely problem with it on XB1. It is noticeable when you play it which is pretty annoying. 


Crash N.Sane Trilogy was 23GB on PS4 but just 5.2GB on Switch, less than a quarter the size while still maintaining acceptable quality.

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It's happening guys! Imo the best Kart Racer that ever existed, so excited to play this masterpiece 100+ hours online!

I hope they refine the gameplay it's nowhere as good as I remember when I played the original couple yrs ago

Finally, a proper kart racing on ps4

The game will probably be great, but I still absolutely hate the crazy look they're giving Crash in these remakes. He wasn't all that sane in the first games either, but he had much less of this crazy side than now. The difference is probably the easiest to see in the cover arts.