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Launches  on June 21st.

Love the look of the art style, I can't wait to buy it.


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YES! bye


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Nice to have another kart racer to look forward to. Was interested in Sonic Racing until I found out that you race in teams.

Glad to see it's coming to Switch! It's just common sense with a game like this, though sadly common sense is often lacking among AAA publishers.

Looks like a faithful remake too, it captures the vibe of the original quite well.

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OMg I'll be buying even if Activision only puts half of the game in the disc 

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This is absolutely a day one buy for me!

Let's see how long it takes Actvision to do something stupid.

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I'm game. But I still wait a bit for the reviews and impressions. It'll be interesting to try a new Kart racing game alongside MK8DX :)

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Hope for cross play! Would be fun!