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How would you grade PS Plus services for 2018?

A+ 17 26.15%
A 17 26.15%
A- 9 13.85%
B+ 8 12.31%
B 8 12.31%
B- 1 1.54%
C+ 3 4.62%
C 0 0.00%
C- 0 0.00%
D+ or below 2 3.08%

Yeah, that's a pretty awesome line up. Even harshest critics of paying for online would be hard to argue with the value there. The offerings typically do get better as the generation goes on. Another 2 years of this to go.

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Definitely an A. As a person that buys very few games, PS Plus only adds good games to my collection, and the games that I do buy are rarely added to PS Plus.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Grand Kingdom
Ratchet & Clank
Beyond: Two Souls
Yakuza Kiwami

And I bought Digimon Story cyber Sleuth, and Metro Last Light on sale.

Wait what? Thats a phenomenal lineup!

I was always under the impression that games were ass, due to the constant whining I see about the games not being good.

Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

Great list of games, however I have played none of them (apart from the ones I already had) I don't have time to play the games I buy. I do play GT Sport online pretty much daily, and while support is great with monthly updates, connectivity issues are still a daily problem. It's sort of accepted in the community that a full room is a rarity in sport mode. Every race one or more players get disconnected on entering the lobby... Grade B-.

Value wise, my kids play all kinds of online games on the primary ps4 while I'm racing on the pro. I enjoy the discounts on digital purchases, for $50 a year not bad. (It's $70 normally, was $50 on BF)

For many people the year was impressive. For me 2018 PS+ fell on its face, a complete waste of money considering the only games I wanted from it I had already purchased. I was among the few that actually liked getting new (or new to PS4) indies over old AAA.

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That is a pretty damn good year.

PS+ PS4 2018: A- (much better than expected and even some PSVR games)
PS+ PS3 2018: C (PS3 had much better years and there are still a lot of great PS3 classics missing in the Instant Gaming Collection, f.e. the Resistance games)
PS+ Vita 2018: C (Vita had much better years and there are still a few great Vita + PSP classics missing in the Instant Gaming Collection

PS+ overall 2018: B+

Overall a very decent year. Some months were really killer months like March (with Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank) and other months were only meh like December. Hopefully Sony will make more balanced months in 2019. That's my only advice at the moment.

Very good year in my opinion @ PS+ free Games

Game of the Year 2020: Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 Royal or The Last of Us 2 ?!


God bless You.

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