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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo censors Xenoblade character in SSBU- will Smash go multi-plat because of it?

It's okay. This is YOUR game and the game is designed for a younger audience. One problem would be to censor another's game and that is also for +18. Can you see the difference?

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Pretty dumb considering Smash will be on the same console as Xenoblade, where Mythra's NOT censored.. But I suppose it makes sense if they need to do so to keep that E/E10 rating.


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It's because Smash is primarily a children's game and Xenoblade 2 has an older audience target.

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...and company censoring games becomes just another for gamers to blame each other. We lose again.

Nah... nothing new here
Smash will never be multiplatform... unless Nintendo someday decides to stop making their own hardware

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Giving her yoga pants might be an upgrade. We need more butt shots to confirm.

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Now they just need to make her boobs 5 cups smaller, and she'd almost not look completely ridiculous.

I don't have problem with the leggings.
I have problems with the leggings being f-ing black. What the hell.

I'm a big fan of black yoga pants and leggings so that's a win for me.

forest-spirit said:
I'm a big fan of black yoga pants and leggings so that's a win for me.

I would agree, but it looks REALLY badly done in this case ... haha