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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo censors Xenoblade character in SSBU- will Smash go multi-plat because of it?

Once again, not a surprise since they've done it before with XCX and Tokyo Mirage Sessions along with the past Fire Emblem games ...

All console manufacturers already barred adult only rated games from their systems but now with the biggest console manufacturer deciding to go further who was the last meaningful bastion for an open forum of content, console gaming has officially sucked ass since the corporate social justice/politically correct culture mirror the majority of their customers political will to stand up for these dumb ideals so from here on out I'm probably just gonna stick to PC/emulation ...


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...meh. Internet always has the dirtiest/best pictures.

Also the misconception that Nintendo doesn't censor 3rd party games is simply untrue if we take a look at a past precedent ...

The Bravely series on the 3DS is one such example where it was developed by Silicon Studio with Square's funding but once Nintendo's localization team got a hold of the games it ended up been censored so basically any 3rd party games which undergo localization by Nintendo themselves are under their mercy of been edited ...

Stupid change honestly...I mean why the hell would a character with a light theme have black leggings? It totally clashes with the rest of her color scheme and looks awkward as all hell. Give her white or gold leggings if you're really that worried about children seeing a woman's legs...or at least make it look less like something an intern did in 5 minutes with MS Paint.

I mean don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Mythra in yoga pants...but it just doesn't work with her base color scheme. At all.

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...Okay,I'll give you that, Mythra looks pretty cute with black pants...

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Not as bad as Winnie Pooh being censored in China

Keybladewielder said:

Not as bad as Winnie Pooh being censored in China

Why China gotta do ma boi, Pooh, wrong?!

dx11332sega said:
Keybladewielder said:

Not as bad as Winnie Pooh being censored in China

Why they censor him ? is it because hes bottomless ? they dislike bears? Is overweight?

Chinese people used Pooh to make fun of their president, so the government decided to ban Pooh altogether .

As some have said, it's possibly due to the "E 10+" rating they received from the ESRB. Guess those working at the ESRB supposedly believed Mythra's skirt was a bit too close for their comfort. Heck, Nintendo had to remove the Tharja trophy from Smash 3DS possibly due to the "E 10+" rating, as well as simmer down Bayonetta, an M-rated character who is known for her sexualization, to even get included as DLC. Sure, Smash Bros. has been rated "T for Teen" before, but maybe Nintendo and Sakurai's team decided on holding back to get a "E 10+" rating. Who knows, maybe the ESRB is a bit inconsistent, but I will lean towards that before going at Nintendo, especially since the rating does matter to them, regardless of what we think of the ESRB ratings.

The character is now ruined. This seriously hurts Nintendo's chances of me buying the game. Censorship should only be used on the weak and I am not weak. Make a de-censorship patch Nintendo!

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