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Ordered a 400gb mirco sd card for $79

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I got God of War and Dragon Quest XI for the PS4, and BioShock: The Collection and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for the XBO. Too bad Nintendo's first-party titles don't ever get deep discounts, or I would have picked up a couple of Switch games as well.

The latter two were double dips; I originally bought them at release for PS4, but as I'm getting most third-party games for the XBO now that I have a One X and can't get enough of the 4K glory, most of the handful of third-party titles I originally bought on PS4 I've re-bought for the XBO when I can find them for cheap (just waiting for Alien: Isolation to get a 4K patch for X1X). Also, I never bought any of the DLC for my PS4 copy of FFXV, so I figured I might as well get the now-complete package since it was on sale for cheap.

I'm also going to buy a bit of anime for cheap from Not gaming related, but still Black Friday related. I haven't splurged on myself in a while, so I decided to avail myself of some deals.

2 years of gold/2 years of ps plus for 140 euro. We were buying stuff in a group of people so I got an extra reduction, others with me spend so much X_X.

Kerotan said:

I'll add a blue dualshock 4 to this list. €40 from gamestop. Bought it to replace the one i accidently dropped into a basin of water this year.  

Gaming from the tub? #multitask 

So far. All PS4:

Shadow of The Tomb Raider
Titanfall 2
Witcher 3
PS4 golden Controller

I wanted Nier Automata for $20 but it's sold out near me

God bless You.

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SSD for my Computer
God of War for PS4
Kirby for Switch
Playstation 4 controller because my second controller is having battery issues and my first one has battery issues and also the nubs stick rubbed off (Launch days woes).
Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 for PS4


also getting wwe 2k19 to play with my son

Black Panther Blu Ray-$7
Shadow of the Tomb Raider PS4-$35
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Switch-$40

Also got a nice new laptop for $500.

VAMatt said:
RetroGamer94 said:
Picked up a 65” LG C8 4K OLED TV and a Xbox one S(just for the 4K player lol).

Going to buy some PS4/Switch Games later.

Return that S and get an X to go with your new TV.  You still get the Blu-ray, but also get top tier gaming machine.

It sounds like he isn't interested in the xbox just the movie player so why pay double for the X?

Mbolibombo said:
Nothing so far.. have my eye set on a few digital things, nothing major though....

Still looking for a good price on Nier: Automata for the Xbox though.. that would be sweet.

Nier: Automata is currently on sales digitally in the XBox store its 1/3 off regular price almost bought it but bought Shining Resonance Refrain instead which was 1/2 off regular price.