Forums - Gaming Discussion - Post your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul!

Canadian Dollars:
- FFXV Royal Edition $19.99
- God of War $29.99
- Zelda Breath of the Wild $59.99
- Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $49.99

That's all for now...maybe top up my PS Plus.

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I’m at work, so nothing yet.

I’m going to pick up at least Diablo for Switch later today, maybe God of War. I also still have a discount code somewhere so that’s double the discount for me. My mother got Detroit Become Human and a DS4 controller yesterday.

I'm getting another psvr unit (zvr2) the Astrobot / Moss bundle for CAD 250, a new DS4 (CAD 50 today) and maybe some games. Microplay is giving CAD 50 gif cards for purchases over 250 today so another 50 off the BF price.

1tb ps4 + Spiderman is CAD 260 today, that's selling like hot cakes. Unfortunately the One X is no lower than CAD 500, still too much.

Picked up a 65” LG C8 4K OLED TV and a Xbox one S(just for the 4K player lol).

Going to buy some PS4/Switch Games later.

I repurchased some games cheaper to resell my old copies for profit and got new games i didn't have
God of war 17
Digimon PS4 trilogy 60
Dragon Ball Fighterz 17
Skyrim special edition 17
Zone of the enders 20
Fallout 4 goty 25
Shadow of war definitive 20
Injustice 2 Legendary 20
Nier automata 20
Dragon quest XI 30
Persona 5 25
Monster Hunter world 20

Xenoblade 2 35
Arms 35
Splatoon 2 45
Monster hunter generations 35
Pokken DX 35
Donkey kong tropical freeze 35
Kirby star allies 35
Rocket league ultimate 20
Bomberman R 20

Sandisk extreme plus 128 gb 30
Sony extra bass wireless earbuds 40
Gigantic life-sized snorlax 48

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Looks like nothing this year. Sales aren't that good and i'm short on money right now

RetroGamer94 said:
Picked up a 65” LG C8 4K OLED TV and a Xbox one S(just for the 4K player lol).

Going to buy some PS4/Switch Games later.

Return that S and get an X to go with your new TV.  You still get the Blu-ray, but also get top tier gaming machine.

I'm trying to get a hold of a cheap copy of Dectective Pikachu (It's 30$CAN in Walmart but I don't know if there's available copy still) or Etrian Odyssey V.

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Just got back, got the ZVR2 PSVR unit with camera, Astrobot and Moss, Sine Mora EX for 8 bucks and a new DS4 midnight blue. Total CAD 299 after tax. And I pre-ordered Westworld season 2 on blu-ray for CAD 40.

Well, i finally decided to get a ps4. That spidey bundle was a sweet deal:

Ps4 spider man bundle - 200
God of war III - 20
God of War - 30
Shadow of the Colossus - 20
Ps+ 12 month - 40
Street fighter 30th ann (switch) - 25
Megaman legacy 1+2 (switch) - 25
Okami HD (switch) - 15
SSB Ultimate w/ fighter pass - 85
Pokemon Lets go -60

There’re still some eshop deals that Im ok the fence about em. So around ~$520 plus tax. Good thing that end of the year bonus is aproaching 😅